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With laughter and grace, Jay Leno closed out his five-night run at Newport’s Firehouse Theater, playing to sold-out crowds each night, in what was a fundraiser for the local Fraternal Order of Police.

He entertained the crowd in this gem of a theater with his stand-up comedy, trying out some new jokes, while mixing in some sure-fire standards, and then took questions from the audience. His comedy routine, covering everything from COVID to his parents, delighted the audience.

And questions ranged from his love of cars to why Newport and why a benefit for police. They asked about his social life in school, and whether he was always funny.

With grace, Leno handled every question. And audiences made it clear how much they appreciate his giving back to the community.

Leno has certainly distinguished himself among celebrities who claim Rhode Island as their part-time residence. He often gives back to the community, and in the past has put on fundraisers for other groups, including local firefighters.

To the question about police, Leno was clear in his respect for the men and women in blue, but also called out the “bad apples.” Earlier in the week he talked about the dangers police face, and the constant criticism they receive.

The five-night residency raised $18,000 for the FOP – ‘5 Nights of Leno’ raises $18,000 for Newport Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #8.

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