20 American foods that raise eyebrows outside of the US

Stacker compiled a list of 20 uniquely American foods that might raise the eyebrows of anybody outside of the U.S. using reports from Tasting Table, Eater, Food & Wine, and various other sources.

Sig’s Place says goodbye, The Roasted Clove says hello

After operating for over twelve years in Middletown and almost ninety years on Aquidneck Island, Sig’s Place will close permanently on April 1, 2023. The good news, Middletown won’t have to wait long for a new restaurant to take its place.

Newport Vineyards is grape stomping for Nikopol, Ukraine

Newport Vineyards invites the public in joining them in supporting Nikopol, Ukraine, by entering the raffles for a chance to “stomp for Ukraine” or tickets to Newport Vineyards’ Fire Dinner event and various prizes.

Legal sizes for lobsters could change to protect population

The rules about the minimum and maximum sizes of lobsters that can be trapped off New England could soon become stricter, potentially bringing big changes to one of the most valuable seafood industries in the country.

Snacks and other food items banned in the US

Stacker explores snacks and other food items banned in the U.S. From tasty cheeses to the famed Scottish dish haggis, these 30 foods aren’t welcome in most of the United States.

Region’s workforce shifting away from hospitality

A leading New England economist is suggesting that jobs in the region are shifting from leisure and hospitality to higher-paying industries, while job openings remain at “historic highs.”

From coast to coast: The best regional fast-food chains to try

Whether you frequent these chains or are on the hunt for some delicious places to stop on your next road trip, Stacker compiled this list of 20 fast-food chains that are only in certain states, making them must-tries for those traveling around the United States.

38 Christmas side dishes

Preparing Christmas dinner can be intimidating: expectations are high, especially when guests have long-held favorite dishes in mind. If you’re lucky, though, you’ll only be responsible for bringing a side dish.

How people ordered meals online in 2022, according to DoorDash

So how do restaurant trends from last year compare to now? Task Group looked at trends in how people ordered meals online in 2022, according to data from DoorDash and research from industry sources like the National Restaurant Association.

Tiny Kitchen Magic: Beef Stew

Finally, as promised, it is time to make beef stew.  This is a variation of a recipe my mother gave me, which itself is quite delicious.

Jewish holiday recipes for everyone to try

In honor of Hanukkah beginning Dec. 18—and for eating experiences that can be enjoyed year-round—Stacker compiled a list of 15 global Jewish holiday recipes and their histories from Allrecipes.com, news reports, Jewish historical sites, and Jewish recipe developers. Read on to find classic recipes or to discover a new dish or two.