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It is time to vote for change in State Government.  We can no longer vote the party line or for the recognizable incumbent.  We must vote for integrity, honesty and transparency.  I am voting for Ken Mendonca for the District 11 Senate.  He will listen to his constituents, respond thoughtfully and do what’s best for us the taxpayers.

Also running for the District 11 Senate are two former members of the Portsmouth Town Council.  In the past these individuals have ignored the concerns of residents and have followed an agenda that has been detrimental to the Town of Portsmouth. 

Just a few examples: for years residents have complained about the negative effects of the wind turbine.  Their concerns have been completely ignored by the Town Council. During the past three years the Town Council has over taxed the residents by approximately $2.3 million.  Refused to consider a tax break and now against the wishes of the residents/voters, they are prepared to cut a deal with Mayflower Wind to lay a cable throughout Portsmouth.

Voting for former members of the Town Council to the State Senate will result in higher taxes, back room deals and same old party politics. 

We the voters deserve better.  Vote for Change.

Mary Ellen Martin, Portsmouth

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