The War and Treaty descended on the Narrows Center Thursday, August 25th for a nearly two-hour soul searing performance!

The band, who debuted at Newport Folk in 2018, is composed of husband and wife team Michael Trotter and Tanya Bount-Trotter, as well as their four-piece back up band. The sound is unique, a melting pot with a little bit of Motown, a dash of classic rock ‘n’ roll, mixed in with gospel, soul, and funk.

Michael and Tanya engage with fans, talking about life stories, the meanings of songs, the importance of being together while pouring their heart out in each song. At one point, they surprised a couple and invited them to join the stage so the band could serenade them in honor of their 50th wedding anniversary.

WUN contributor Gary Alpert was there and shares some great photos below.

Set List:

1) Lover’s Game

2) Country Fried Steak

3) Are you Ready To Love Me

4) Blank Page

5) Hey Pretty Moon

6) Jump & Drink

7) Yesterday’s Burn

8) Jubilee

9) Love Like There’s No

10) Jeep Cherokee Laredo

11) Heart Town

12) That’s How Love Is Made

13) 5 More Minutes

14) All I Wanna Do

Gary Alpert

Gary Alpert is a contributor and photographer for What's Up Newp.

Having been diagnosed with a profound hearing loss at the age of 2, Gary has have always witnessed the world around him with a heightened sense of sight. While hearing aids offer him a world with sound, he continues to experience the world with a visual edge. With a camera in hand, he hopes to show you what he sees.