Ann Leander Gibson, known affectionately as “Tootsie” 83, of Champion, Ohiopreviously of Jefferson, Ohio passed away peacefully on Wednesday, May 4th, 2022, afternumerous health issues over the past year.

Ann was born on December 10th, 1938, in Newport, Rhode Island, the daughter of Antone J. and Kathleen (Murray) Leander. She married Ronald E. Gibson on October 6. Newport, Rhode Island.

Ann enjoyed life and her large family. She was married to her husband for over 50 years. Annals loved her children, her grandchildren, and her many nieces and nephews. She loved and spoiled them all. Ann was especially close to her two brothers and her sister. Ann was not much of a traveler; however, after leaving Newport to raise her children in Ohio, she drove back every summer to be with her Rhode Island family, where there was always abed at the family homestead.

As a child, she was an avid skater, spending much time on the frozen ponds of Newport. Ann was a person of simple means who enjoyed a simple life. She especially loved flowers and birds. Regarding her love for flowers, she had the pleasure of growing up on the beautiful estates of Newport, where her father worked as a gardener. Ann also had a special bond with birds, especially hummingbirds.

Ann’s favorite holiday was Christmas. She loved to decorate and she loved to pass out presents. Ann wasn’t a wealthy person; however, she always found a way to help others. She enjoyed the simple life of smalltown Ohio and her quiet summer vacations spent on the beaches of Newport. Ann saw the best in people and was always there to offer a helping hand.

Ann will be missed, but more importantly, she will be remembered. Ann is survived by sons, Ron (Chris) Gibson, of Jefferson, and Joseph (Rachelle) Gibson, of Columbus; daughter, Julie (Jim) Wright of Champion; nephew, Gerard (Kathy) Beattie ofMadison; nieces, Kathleen Beattie and Catherine Barrett Beattie of Newport, RI; grandchildren, Ron and Kevin Gibson of Jefferson, Louis, Chloe, and Gus Gibson ofColumbus, OH


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