Billy Manzo Pizza is launching in 2022, with Rhode Island’s own Italian Certified Master Pizzaiolo pulling from his roots to take advantage of the frozen pizza market. 

In order to respond to the needs of this new venture, he will phase out his Providence “Federal Hill  Pizza” location, but maintain his Warren, Rhode Island location as the default “original location” of the brand.  

Billy Manzo Pizza “BMP” is led by William “Billy” Manzo and his wife Christine. 

“The timing is absolutely perfect to meet the increasing demand for convenience foods, specifically frozen pizza. I knew that once we dedicated ourselves to the future that everything would come together”, said Chef Billy Manzo, the company’s name’s sake. He went on to add “Warren needed to  be the base of our story because it is our first location and we felt that we wanted a “small” place  tourist could find and visit as the brand goes national and hopefully international.” 

“The biggest difference between Billy Manzo Pizza and every other brand on the market will be, one – authenticity, two – Made in Italy, and three and of course the best part is Billy Manzo. The combination can’t be beat” said Senior Strategic Consultant Giovanni Feroce of GF Strategic  Consulting who was hired in late 2020 to build and launch the business. “As a matter of fact, Billy’s real picture will be prominently displayed on the box itself and in all of the marketing. No other brand has done that. They are all cartoons like Red Baron or Italian names like Tony’s or drawings of posthumous Paul Newman as examples. We are the 100% authentic brand through and through,  from Billy Manzo to the dough and the cheese. Italy will be a difference-maker”. 

More details will follow in the new year, which will include naming the manufacturing partner and other “big name” collaborators who “aren’t going to miss this opportunity”, added Feroce.

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