A lazy summer afternoon during the dog days of …Spring … brought me and a friend to Warwick’s Proclamation Ale Co., one of the state’s leading microbreweries, located about a minute from the airport.

If you haven’t been yet, “Proc” has a large tasting room, as well as an outdoor area, although those open-air tables were nearly empty on a 90+ degree day. There’s a sizable beer menu to choose from, with perhaps the most on tap of any local brewhouse.

Proclamation was founded in 2014 by Dave Witham who sadly passed away in 2020. His wife Lori has kept Dave’s vision alive – to provide RI a variety of tasty beers beyond the amber ale. Indeed, that dream lives on – the daily menu at Proclamation is certainly the largest in the region.

I wasn’t feeling too adventurous on a hot streamy day, so I ordered safely and was pleasantly satisfied.

Of course, I’m a music guy, so I had to sample the “Mono-Stereo,” a light, refreshing ale, a good fit for day drinking. The dry-hopped grisette is noted to have hints of honeydew and Orange Julius “from the mall,” the perfect drink to rep Wah-wick, are eye!

I moved on to “Proc Circles,” a sweeter corn-based lager that tasted great with a slice of lime – refreshing, yet heavier than a Corona. I then sampled a 5 once serving of “Stereo-Mono,” which is an oak barrel aged version of “Mono-Stereo.” (Confusing, I know.) Just like stereo music, the beer had a fuller, heavier feel, with more distinctive notes, and a higher but still manageable concentration of alcohol.

There are several popular IPA’s and sours on the menu, and we took home a couple of 4-packs, including the seasonal “Ordinary Man,” a bright, fruity IPA I’ll look for again. And for the bolder among us, Proc offers several popular double and triple ales.


Tables were spread out in early June, and there’s lots of space to move around, perfect if you’re still a bit hesitant about going out.  The tasting room runs classic movies and TV shows, and there a bunch of classic video games along the wall. On this afternoon, I avoided showing off my expertise on Galaga, or it could have been a long evening for those waiting behind me in line.

And that 70’s soundtrack playing on the stereo provided a moment or two of nostalgia for the “late boomers” in the room. It’s the perfect complement, especially if you’re into the more retro beers. Who knew Elton John and Kiki Dee was great drinking music.

You’ll certainly need several trips to Proc to experience all the varieties they have to offer. We highly recommended getting there when you can – we’ll be back soon!

Ken Abrams

Lifestyle Editor Ken Abrams writes about music, the arts and more for What'sUpNewp. He is also a contributor to Providence Monthly, SO RI, Hey Rhody and The Bay magazines. Ken DJ's "The Kingston Coffeehouse,"...