Newport Hospital
Newport Hospital

With the start of the New Year, the application period has opened for funding from Newport Hospital’s Frederick Henry Prince Memorial Fund. The hospital is making more than $100,000 in “Powered by Prince” grants available to support Newport County programs that work with children. 

Newport Hospital issued a request for proposals last November to fund initiatives that encourage healthy physical activity and promote the importance of education for area youth. Local nonprofits, groups, and individuals offering programs for children and youth in Newport County may apply.

Amid COVID-19 and with respect to the health and safety guidelines in place, Newport Hospital is looking for applicants to be as creative and innovative as possible with regard to their programs. The hospital is encouraging outdoor activities, the incorporation of social distancing precautions, and offering a hybrid of virtual and in person opportunities as appropriate to the individual program. 

The Frederick Henry Prince Memorial Fund was established in 2010 by a $3 million grant from the Frederick Henry Prince 1932 Trust made to Newport Hospital by Elizabeth Prince of Newport and her children, Guillaume de Ramel, Diana Oehrli, and Regis de Ramel. The fund was created to support programs for underserved children. 

Since its inception, the fund has provided more than $756,000 to programs throughout Newport County, including $128,424 awarded to 24 programs in 2020. 

The deadline to apply is Friday, January 29, 2021. Applications may be completed online