PLAYWRIGHTS WORKSHOP Instructor: Dave Rabinow January 21 – March 11
This course is designed to support writers in any stage of the writing process, whether you have a project in the works or are looking for inspiration! Each week, at least one student will have their work read by local actors followed by a discussion/workshop. This workshop aims to create a supportive and helpful community for creating and developing each individual’s playwriting voice.
This workshop is designed to empower BIPOC actors looking to gain experience with the Equity and Non-Equity audition and callback process. Students will work on commanding the room, analysis of production seasons, the development of techniques for monologue selection, and zeroing in on roles while staying true to themselves. This workshop is for beginners and seasoned BIPOC actors with a lens on navigating traditionally white supremacist theatrical systems. A zoom link will be provided by the first day of class.
SCENE STUDY Instructor: Fred Sullivan, Jr. January 25 – March 8
Explore the craft of acting in a class formatted to suit actors of varying levels of experience through partnered scene work. Students will explore the work of great American contemporary writers. Scenes will be suited to individual needs and rehearsed beat by beat, focusing on actor coaching. This class culminates in a showcase of student work. Rehearsal outside of class time is recommended. Please prepare a monologue for the first day of class. This class is not suitable for beginners. A zoom link will be provided by the first day of class.
Learn the most profitable skill in the business: how to nail the commercial audition. This workshop will explore how to make a commercial audition a fun, straight-forward, no-brainer All students will practice implementing the tools for a successful audition and gain a sense of ownership over their new skills. A zoom link will be provided by the first day of class.
ADVANCED AUDITION TECHNIQUES Instructor: Steve Kidd February 3 – March 3
This course prepares students to audition with skill and confidence. It is an advanced yet collaborative workspace that is ideal for actors applying to MFA programs or preparing for regional theatre auditions. All actors will leave the class with two contrasting monologues that they can immediately use for in-person auditions as well as self-tapes. Students will develop their ability to artfully execute cold-readings and incorporate feedback and direction in a callback audition. Additionally, the class will focus on ways to temper audition anxiety and practice positive habits that will increase chances of getting the role or securing a spot in a company or program. A zoom link will be provided by the first day of class.
STAND-UP COMEDY WRITING Instructor: Tyra Ann-Marie Wilson February 9 – March 23
During this 7-week virtual program, future comics will explore what makes something funny, and how to make others laugh along with them. Students will learn to tell gripping and dynamic stories first, then how to lace in jokes and create their own stand up routine. Each week a different piece of stand up will be assigned to watch outside of class, and then analyzed and discussed in class. Through collaboration, creative writing, and video research, participants will craft their own stand-up routine that they can share with friends and family! A zoom link will be sent by the first day of class.

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