It’s been just about 4 1/2 years since Rob Ianelli and crew launched What’sUpNewp in March of 2012, the latest site that was a part of a network of sites that was launched to “change the way young taste makers live, travel and interact with one another.”

Our site may cover things that it didn’t back then, but based on our growth month over month we can honestly say that it’s only gotten better.

August of 2016 was our most successful month ever – we say more pageviews, visits, feedback and interaction than ever before. We’ve also added new writers, contributors, columns and an office. We’re currently hiring writers, marketing/events assistants and interns and we’re looking at adding a second site to our family real soon. Exciting stuff to say the least!

I’m going to pull back the curtain a little bit here and share some behind the scenes, for those who can’t stick around to read on…I want to THANK YOU for reading our site, for liking us on Facebook, for retweeting our tweets, for visiting our advertisers and most importantly for believing in us!

Pull Back The Curtains

I took over the site 4 years ago as Owner/Editor, I have and always will keep Rob’s mission in mind but i’ve been very respectful of our readers needs. I quickly learned that along with Rob’s idea of telling people where the best lobster roll in Newport is, or where to get your drink on, that there was an extreme need in the community to cover issues, news stories, business transactions and just general information that wasn’t getting covered or noticed.

I see what you’re searching for on the site (yes i’m talking to YOU 37 people who have already searched for “halloween parties in Newport” in the last 8 days), attend events, get out and support live music/events/fundraisers (sometimes too many of them), and constantly ask for and welcome feedback. Every single time we post something, we have the reader in mind.

As Rob once said, “we know you’re busy making the most of the beach sessions, we’re not going to waste your time updating you on stuff that doesn’t mean something to you”.

Because of your continued support, tips, feedback, support of our advertisers and loyalty; we’ve been able to make this dream of a site a reality and continue to grow.

In recent months we’ve added Jillian Tullgren to our team, we have weekly contributions from Sarah Fimple and Tyler Bernady and every now and then you also hear from Frank Prosnitz, Morgan Macia, Patrick Murphy and Bobby Forster.

It’s exciting to grow, but it’s really exciting to be able to give some locals a platform to share their creativity with so many locals and tourists, thank you for supporting them.

Our goal with every story that we post anywhere, is to get people to our site to read the story, have an experience and to see what our advertisers are doing.

Make no mistake, our advertisers fund us and make it possible for us to do what we do. Your support of our current advertisers (some who have been with us a very long time) is so appreciated.

Besides you, these are who financially support this site and make this all possible;

  • Bowen’s Wharf
  • Brick Alley Pub
  • DF Dwyer Insurance
  • Diego’s
  • Diego’s Bodega
  • Hotel Viking
  • IHOP Middletown
  • Lemon & Line
  • Midtown Oyster Bar
  • Newport Vineyards
  • Newport Waterfront Events
  • Saltwater at Hotel Viking
  • Studio 3
  • Style Newport
  • Wharf Pub

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What do we  judge success on?

1) Reader Satisfaction

Are we providing you with what you need or click bait and just making you upset that you clicked on that dumb link. As always, feel free to provide us feedback, share your ideas, tell us what you love and don’t and ask questions.

By no means are we a 9-5 “news outlet”, we try to cover things as they are happening/while they are happening. We will also always source if we get info from another media outlet, not only is it fair and the right thing to do but we want you to be able to get all the information you need.

2) Community Impact

Are we providing info to the community that they aren’t getting, that’s not be covered or mentioned if we didn’t cover it? Are we supporting nonprofits, make an impact on events, giving those who don’t have a voice, a voice? Are we being fair, but balanced, on our coverage of news worth events?

This all comes from feedback, so again….keep in touch with us.

3) Users/Pageviews 

This is the easiest to track, we can see how long you’re on the site and what you’re clicking on and reading.

That’s right, we do not measure our success by Facebook likes, shares or comments; that’s not how we judge our site or our readers. Clickbait sites do that and care about that.

Once again, thank you for supporting the site, our writers and our advertisers. We’re all here because of you and for you, please never hesitate to reach out and tell us how we can do a better job of keeping you in the know of what’s happening, new and to do in Newport, RI.


Ryan Belmore

Owner/Editor, What’sUpNewp LLC

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Ryan Belmore is the Owner & Publisher of What's Up Newp, LLC. Belmore has led What's Up Newp since December 2012. Belmore also serves as the Sr. Editor - North America for Mountain News - publisher of OnTheSnow. In his spare time, Belmore serves as the Vice President for the Board of Directors at Fort Adams Trust and serves on the Board of Directors at Lucy's Hearth. Belmore is also a member and supporter of Local Independent Online News (LION) Publishers. Send questions, tips, and story ideas to