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On August 10th, Newport City Council will receive a “Request For City Council Action” from the City Manager and Newport Fire Department that will ask the city council to accept the 2016 Port Security Grant Program (PSGP) Award for the procurement of a new Fire & Rescue Boat.

Many residents have voiced concern or support over the $1 million price tag, grant and necessity of the new Fire & Rescue Boat, some have expressed concern over cost of running such a complex vehicle and the area that the vessel will be required to cover, while supporters have said that with such a busy harbor that it is a necessity for the Fire Department to have such a vessel.

It is important to note that the breakdown for the $1 million price tag is $241,125.00 for the City of Newport and $723,375 makes up the Federal Grant.

With the meeting and decision by Newport City Council fast approaching – do you think the City should acquire the new boat?

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Supporting Documents:

See all 31 pages of the communication here – Action Item # 5566/16  RE:  2016 Port Security Grant Award (w/accompanying resolution)

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