With review, discussion and a vote on the controversial Port Security Grant Award  just hours away, an informed source has provided us with a communication that Chief Connerton and Newport City Manager Joe Nicholson sent to Newport City Council at approximately 10:15 a.m. today.

Approval of the resolution/communication tonight will allow the City Of Newport to acquire an approximately $1 million Fire/Rescue Boat.

The following information was forwarded to Newport City Council by Patricia Fay, Executive Assistant to the City Manager, in the e-mail she says that the “City Manager asked me to forward you the attached information with regard to some of the questions that have been raised regarding the Fire Boat.  Joe realizes that there are still other questions and we are working on compiling information in connection therewith.”

2016.08.09 NFD Fire Boat Maintenance – Copy
Moose Boats Customer Reference List Jan 2016

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