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After receiving ten documents on the day they had to make a decision and after almost a thirty minute discussion, the Newport City Council unanimously decided to delay the vote on the proposed Port Security Gran/new Fire/Rescue boat until their next meeting on August 24th.

Mayor Napolitano started the discussion right from the introduction of the resolution that she hoped to hold the matter for futher review. Councilor Leonard, Florez and McLaughlin expressed their concerns over the new vessel and appeared to be in opposition of the proposal as presented, while Councilor Neville and Ceglie asked questions to help the public and Newport City Council understand the issue.

Councilor John Florez posted the following on Nextdoor after the meeting;

The Council tonight decided to continue the “fire boat vote” to the next session. One vital piece of information to consider is that we have $400 million dollars in property assets in the bay that can not be reached by conventional fire trucks. This fire boat does add an additional layer of need protection towards our valuable coastline assets.

FUNDING- I will support this project ONLY if the Council approves my amendment which calls for a condition that all future related boat fees and charges be taken only within the parameters of the existing fire department grant. In addition, we have a second source of non tax payer funds that I will be allowed to discuss in the next week or so. (I will not forget to follow up with the information) The bottom line is that this compromise will have a net ZERO impact on the Newport tax payer.

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