In the last 16 months, there have been several different incidents where we’ve had to run a headline that reads something like “car crashes into _________”.

You can fill in those previous mentioned blanks with Andria Bird Bridal (May 2, 2015), Libby Kirwin Real Estate (May 5, 2015) Mama Leones (March 26, 2016) and Micki’s Laundromat (August 26, 2016).

In the U.S., it’s becoming an all-too-common occurrence, with an average of 60 such accidents each day. In 2013, more than 500 people were killed when cars crashed into retail outlets, restaurants and office buildings in the U.S.

Here in Newport, we’ve been “lucky” to not have to report an incident that’s involved a car crashing into a building with death resulting in the 4 incidents that have happening in 2015 and so far in 2016.

Sentiment and opinion from many in the community is that’s it’s happening more and more often, if you were to just look at the number of “car crashes into building” happening on daily basis across the United States, they’d be right.

With more than 10,000 Americans turning 65 years old every day and with drivers over 85 years old expected to more than double by 2025, crashed are expected to increase.

This infographic from Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance, which uses the most recent available data, explains why the trend and headline of “Crashes Into Building” is projected to grow across the United States.

Ryan M. Belmore

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