photography by Visual Manor

make-up by Kristen Blanchette

It’s the time of year when party invitations start pouring in and the stress of balancing work and play is at it’s ultimate high! Hairstylist Kelsey Morgan has some quick tips for the all the hardworking ladies that attend cocktail soirees’ immediately after work. 


For holiday parties immediately after work, what are some quick tips for styling your hair in under 10 minutes? 

Right now, top knots are all over the red carpet and runway. It’s easy to jazz up with a little accessory, like we did on Anna and Erin. For thicker hair, half up/half down knots are super trendy, while finer hair, just throw all your hair up. I love the undone look. All you need is an elastic, and a few bobby pins.


If you are too tired to wash you hair, what is the best way to give your hair a pick-me-up for your night out?

Dry shampoo! You will get a day or two (or three!) out of your hairstyle. My favorite is Batiste, it’s affordable and you can get it right at TJ-Maxx.


What is the best way to achieve curls or a fun wave without the use of a curling iron?

While your hair is still cooling off from the blow dryer, comb your hair into a low pony, twist your hair and add a little shine spray to the ends, make a bun in the back of your head and secure with a couple bobby pins. Let your hair cool (I usually start my makeup at this point) then add hair spray and let your hair down. Comb it out with a paddle brush for a softer wave, or use your fingers and add more hair spray for a more curly look (Evo’s shebang-abang Spray Wax is my favorite). For more volume, section your hair into two separate buns, one on the top of your head, and one right underneath it.  I am super low maintenance for a hairstylist – this is my go to method in the morning!


Could you recommend a few products for holiday fun?

I usually recommend to get three essential products: a prepping lotion, styling and finishing product. I am a TIGI girl so my three favorites are: 1.) Ego Boost – a leave in conditioner that helps mend split ends and helps glide your comb through all your tangles. 2.) Blow Out – a light weight heat protector that helps cut your blow dry time down. 3.) Head Rush, a shine spray that adds tons of shine and helps keep fly aways down. Top it off with all the glitter you can get your hands on and some hair accessories (I found all mine at our local Michael’s – get creative!).


If ladies need your help, where can they find you? I work at Curl Up & Dye in Newport, RI. I also make house calls and do holiday parties.

What days are you available at the salon? I work Monday’sFriday’s, and Saturday’s – I’m flexible with time in order to accommodate everyone’s busy schedules!