Yes, we’ve had a few cold days lately, but nothing like the frigid air we saw 81 years ago today.

On January 17, 1942, the temperature reached -28°F in Richmond, RI. (Note: A -25°F temperature reading was recorded at T.F. Greene Airport on February 5, 1996 where official readings are kept.) Meanwhile, the lowest reading in balmy Newport was -9°F in 1982. Perfect for a stroll on the beach.

By the way, these are air temperatures, not wind chill or feel like temps, so add the wind to these above and the answer is “wicked cold!”

In January, the high temperatures during the day average in the 34°F to 40°F range, while the nightly low temperatures are in the frigid 17°F to 25°F zone. Things do warm a bit in February with daily averages reaching 42 by the end of the month.