Rhode Island breweries will be joining their national counterparts this weekend to celebrate “National Lager Day” on December 10. The cold, refreshing lager is the most popular American beer, a key component at backyard barbeques, ball games, and neighborhood pubs. Check out some of our favorite locally-brewed lagers from around the state.

Ragged Island Brewery in Portsmouth features the Pocassett Pilsner, named after the island once known as Pocasset, “where the stream widens.” It’s described as “a classic style pilsner, light, golden, and crisp, balancing malty sweetness with mild bitterness and a clean finish.” And don’t be afraid to kick it back old school with the Old Boys Vienna Lager, a traditional German brew “with a crisp finish and notes of caramel and toasted grain.” Click here to learn more.

Rejects Beer in Middletown has the Six String Japanese Lager, made with Sorachi Ace hops and described by fans as “light and refreshing” available in cans. You can also sample the Peralta Pils, a popular Pilsner available year-round at Rejects as well as other bars and restaurants on the Island. Click here for more.

Narragansett Brewery has the Gold Medal-winning Gansett Lager, enjoyed for decades at Fenway Park and famously crushed by Quint in Jaws (why couldn’t he have lived!). By the way, due to licensing issues, you can’t actually drink the classic Lager in the new Providence brewery. Never fear, sample a pint of the Bohemian Pilsner, a Czech Style Pils in the tasting room for a slightly more sophisticated lager experience. To celebrate National Lager Day, Gansett is donating $1 to Toys For Tots for every photo of ‘Gansett posted with #LagerDay. Click here for more.

Proclamation Ale Company features one of the freshest brews I have ever tasted. Proc Circles is a Corn Lager, “refreshing like the crisp sweet taste of late-season corn calling for a squeeze of fresh lime.” For the more adventurous, Dark All Day is a smoked Czech dark lager with a “light, crisp mouthfeel with chocolate and coffee notes that linger.” Click here for more.

Taproot Brewing Company at Newport Vineyards in Middletown has a wide selection of freshly brewed beer including the Vineyard Pils, a Bavarian-style German pilsner. It’s described as “crisp, with floral notes,” sure to please most tastes. It’s available on draft or by the can. Click here for more.

The Guild, with locations in Warren and Pawtucket, features a rotating selection of fine brews including the Slater, a lager that is “bready with a touch of sweetness; low bitterness with herbal/spicy hop character with a clean finish.” The breweries also serve a couple of popular light choices, Chair 2, and Hoboken Brewing’s Day Beer. Click here for details.

Consume safely and enjoy #NationalLagerDay!