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Unofficial results: Updated November 15, 2022 04:20 PM

413 of 414 polling places reporting (99%)

Representative in Congress District 1

CandidateBallot breakoutTotal votesPct
DEM David N. Cicilline (DEM)Polling place: 66517Mail ballots: 11712Early Voting: 2199510022464.0%
REP Allen R. Waters (REP)Polling place: 43329Mail ballots: 2639Early Voting: 100615602935.8%
Write-inPolling place: 290Mail ballots: 21Early Voting: 503610.2%

Representative in Congress District 2

CandidateBallot breakoutTotal votesPct
DEM Seth M. Magaziner (DEM)Polling place: 64907Mail ballots: 13878Early Voting: 2251510130050.4%
REP Allan W. Fung (REP)Polling place: 73679Mail ballots: 4678Early Voting: 155689392546.8%
MOD William H. Gilbert (MOD)Polling place: 4083Mail ballots: 588Early Voting: 81454852.7%
Write-inPolling place: 154Mail ballots: 20Early Voting: 251990.1%


CandidateBallot breakoutTotal votesPct
DEM Daniel J. McKee (DEM)Polling place: 136347Mail ballots: 25245Early Voting: 4536320695557.9%
REP Ashley Marie Kalus (REP)Polling place: 108120Mail ballots: 6852Early Voting: 2396413893638.9%
Ind Zachary Baker Hurwitz (Ind)Polling place: 3384Mail ballots: 424Early Voting: 69945071.3%
Ind Paul A. Rianna, Jr. (Ind)Polling place: 2286Mail ballots: 320Early Voting: 51531210.9%
Lib Elijah J. Gizzarelli (Lib)Polling place: 2246Mail ballots: 211Early Voting: 35328100.8%
Write-inPolling place: 668Mail ballots: 177Early Voting: 21010550.3%

Lieutenant Governor

CandidateBallot breakoutTotal votesPct
DEM Sabina Matos (DEM)Polling place: 117846Mail ballots: 22983Early Voting: 3988918071851.2%
REP Aaron C. Guckian (REP)Polling place: 118216Mail ballots: 7509Early Voting: 2665515238043.1%
Ind Ross K. McCurdy (Ind)Polling place: 13642Mail ballots: 2087Early Voting: 3764194935.5%
Write-inPolling place: 445Mail ballots: 69Early Voting: 926060.2%

Secretary of State

CandidateBallot breakoutTotal votesPct
DEM Gregg Amore (DEM)Polling place: 137572Mail ballots: 25739Early Voting: 4545820876959.5%
REP Pat V. Cortellessa (REP)Polling place: 110048Mail ballots: 6853Early Voting: 2448914139040.3%
Write-inPolling place: 394Mail ballots: 60Early Voting: 735270.2%

Attorney General

CandidateBallot breakoutTotal votesPct
DEM Peter F. Neronha (DEM)Polling place: 142432Mail ballots: 26789Early Voting: 4763521685661.5%
REP Charles C. Calenda (REP)Polling place: 106473Mail ballots: 6122Early Voting: 2280813540338.4%
Write-inPolling place: 374Mail ballots: 21Early Voting: 654600.1%

General Treasurer

CandidateBallot breakoutTotal votesPct
DEM James A. Diossa (DEM)Polling place: 125440Mail ballots: 23764Early Voting: 4137719058154.3%
REP James L. Lathrop (REP)Polling place: 122216Mail ballots: 8914Early Voting: 2862115975145.5%
Write-inPolling place: 425Mail ballots: 44Early Voting: 845530.2%


CandidateBallot breakoutTotal votesPct
ApprovePolling place: 134339Mail ballots: 21238Early Voting: 4134319692057.6%
RejectPolling place: 107665Mail ballots: 10377Early Voting: 2691014495242.4%


CandidateBallot breakoutTotal votesPct
ApprovePolling place: 177081Mail ballots: 25585Early Voting: 4950325216973.3%
RejectPolling place: 66440Mail ballots: 6361Early Voting: 190869188726.7%

3. GREEN ECONOMY BONDS – $50,000,000

CandidateBallot breakoutTotal votesPct
ApprovePolling place: 157612Mail ballots: 24167Early Voting: 4624322802266.8%
RejectPolling place: 83570Mail ballots: 7529Early Voting: 2198011307933.2%

Data Source: Rhode Island Board of Elections

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