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As a resident, local business owner, and parent of two young children, I have directly seen the adverse impacts climate change has had on our community, my business, and the quality of life for my family.  

Prior to Senator Dawn Euer becoming chair of the Senate Environmental Committee two years ago, our State had not passed a significant climate bill since 2014. Through Dawn’s leadership, we passed trail-blazing legislation to combat climate change; to make RI carbon neutral; and to transition us to 100% renewable energy. 

It’s the most ambitious plan in the whole country, and I’m proud of Rhode Island and Senator Euer for understanding the positive impact it will have on our State – it will create jobs, it will stabilize energy prices, it will improve our local economy, it will improve our quality of life – and it will make Rhode Island a leader among the rest of the country.

On top of that, Dawn helped secure support for DEM so they can better monitor and enforce environmental protections. She has worked to restructure the CRMC to better protect our environment while strengthening our economy. She has also helped protect open spaces and reduce plastic waste, and secured funding for climate resiliency and preparedness. 

We have a lot more work to do, but I know Senator Euer is committed to this cause and to the betterment of Newport County and Rhode Islanders as a whole. We deserve shoreline access and clean water so all of us can use our beaches. We deserve follow-through and commitment toward the goals set by the Act on Climate. We deserve a robust and healthy economy for us and our future generations. 

I, without a doubt, support the work Dawn has accomplished and will accomplish. I urge you to support her.

Paul Marshall

Newport Resident

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