The 2019 election provided many new methods to increase voter options to vote.  Voting is how we, the people, make our voices count.  It’s time to make the 2019 voting changes permanent so busy people, last minute issues, sickness and more can’t get in the way of Rhode Islanders voting. 

Mail-in voting, early in-person voting, and voting day voting should all be options as jobs, work and family issues can take voters out of town unexpectedly.  Further, easy voter registration including same day registration is needed for new residents and people who just forgot to register.  Also, RI may be the only state requiring 2 witnesses or Notary and we know other states have no issues so this is overly burdensome and must be removed.

There were no fraudulent issues found by these changes outlined above in 2019 so lets make democracy work better “for the people” and enact the Let RI Vote Act. 

Please email your support to:
Senator Euer.      Sponsor of bill
Senator DiPalma.
Rep Carson. 
Rep Abney.   
Rep Ruggiero.

~ Louisa Boatwright, Newport

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