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Plumby’s, the fast-casual restaurant from Brick Alley Pub, is permanently closing.

The Plumb family tells What’s Up Newp that due to these challenging times that they have had to make the difficult decision to be able to support their team and customers in the best possible way.

“On behalf of our entire family, we want to take a moment to say THANK YOU to our amazing team at both Plumby’s and Brick Alley Pub & Restaurant. You have navigated this pandemic with incredible grace, effort, and commitment to excellence. We would also like to thank our amazing customers, some of which are faces we have known for 40+ years at Brick Alley and some were new to our brand here at Plumby’s,” the Plumb family said in a statement to What’s Up Newp. 

Plumby’s began offering some of Brick Alley’s award-winning favorites as well as their own unique creations at 499 East Main Road last summer. 

“Our team’s flexibility and dedication are what have allowed us to navigate the past 15 months. When we first identified Plumby’s location in the Fall of 2018, the landscape was very different than it is today. Due to staffing shortages combined with the lifting of restrictions within the state there is an increased demand on the already short-staffed team, we have to make the difficult decision to close Plumby’s in Middletown”, the Plumb family said.

“We are incredibly proud of our team for what they have accomplished here as this decision is not due to a lack of business or a lack of demand, but rather a need to focus and best support our team as we move forward. All of our existing staff at Plumby’s has been offered the same or more advanced positions at Brick Alley Pub in Newport. We will be open at Plumby’s Middletown through Sunday, May 30th. We hope to see you either at Plumby’s this week, or at Brick Alley sometime soon. For any questions or inquires please email plumbysmiddletown@gmail.com“, the Plumb family concluded.

Immediate plans for the building and property at 499 East Main Road in Middletown were not known.

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