The Bright Siders are back with a new tune that celebrates the joys of making music with friends, and how sometimes the best way to share your feelings is through song. From their upcoming album, A Mind of Your Own, listen to “The Song About Songs” now! The Bright Siders, a.k.a. singer/songwriter Kristin Andreassen and fiddler/child psychiatrist Kari Groff are joined by none other than 2019 Americana Music Awards winners The War and Treaty.

American Songwriter says, “If you’re someone who’s become hardened and grizzled by the past half-decade of political divisions, socioeconomic meltdowns and international health crises, then you might not be prepared for what’ll hit you when you press ‘play’ on ‘The Song About Songs.’ Why? Because ‘The Song About Songs’  is infectiously uplifting, heartening and inspiring — if your heart is shrouded in cynical ice, this tune might be the heart-warming anecdote you’ve been searching for.”

YouTube video

On working with The War and Treaty’s Michael Trotter, Jr. and Tanya Blount, Kari says: “I was very moved by Michael’s stories from being in the military and helping vets to deal with loss through music because my family has both a lot of service members and musicians. It was really just a very human and beautiful story. They seemed like people that I would love to make music with and for, and that children would be inspired by. Are they talented? Yes. But it is more about who they are as people that means so much.”

American Songwriter goes on: “With all the uncertainty floating around the future, the musical world that The Bright Siders are creating is an invaluable expression of strength, unity and hope. With debut singles as good as this, their story is surely just beginning.” Brimming with uplifting and empowering songs, The Bright Siders invite listeners of all ages (lookin’ at you, mom and dad!) to think deeply on the feelings and emotions that come with growing up, focusing on resilience and mindset. Their upcoming debut album A Mind of Your Own features all-star guests including Ed Helms, Oh Pep!, The Hokes (a.k.a. Punch Brothers), Gaby Moreno, and more. Perfect for non-comm, Americana, and family music programs! 

A Mind of Your Own comes out January 22. Pre-order your copy now.