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The Aquidneck Land Trust (“ALT”) today announced the conservation of 13.62 acres of land in Newport, split between two properties located on the island’s south end.

According to ALT, the conservation easements, which permanently protect the properties from development, were donated to the land trust by their respective owners. Mary Cushing Coleman donated 9.85 acres and EC Properties LLC donated 3.77 acres. Both properties are private, but their conservation assures that they will remain as open space forever. 

According to ALT, the Cushing Coleman property, located on Ocean Drive, includes the landmark geological formation known as Spouting Rock, which still explodes in high surf. It has 3,000 feet of rocky shoreline,  natural vegetation, and lawn areas, jutting into the Atlantic Ocean between Bailey’s Beach and  Gooseberry Beach. The property’s natural features, elevation, and topography provide unique scenic views from the east (Cliff Walk, Bailey’s/Reject’s Beach, and Ocean Avenue), the south (the public waters of Rhode Island Sound), and the west (Gooseberry Island, Ocean Avenue, Gooseberry/Hazard’s  Beach, and Gooseberry Cove). In addition to the cultural and historic values that its setting provides, it offers other conservation values such as wildlife habitat and coastal water resource protection. 

The EC Properties LLC parcel, located on Ledge Road, has 200 feet of coastline and is visible from the publicly-accessible Cliff Walk trail, according to ALT. The site offers scenic views from Ocean Avenue, Bailey’s Beach, and Reject’s Beach, and to boaters and sailors passing by on the ocean. The site has typical  Newport rock out-croppings, a scenic feature of the Newport Neck area, and a number of tidal pools. 

Photo provided by Aquidneck Land Trust. (photo credit:

Both properties are located within the center of the Newport Neck Greenway, which includes over 400 acres of land protected by either conservation easement or deed restriction.

According to ALT, the conservation of these properties will help increase the contiguity of the habitat and viewshed corridor in the Newport Neck  Greenway. ALT has conserved 2,619.32 acres of land on Aquidneck Island on 83 properties since its founding in 1990.