Money talks – often in elections.

Those candidates with the most robust campaign funds can find multiple ways to reach voters and deliver their message and gain name recognition. In this era of COVID-19 you would think that a well-funded campaign could reach voters through multiple media messages, brochures, lawn signs, and the like. Door to door campaigning is limited, rallies are virtually non-existent.

And so, a look at the Newport City Council tells us otherwise. Only one candidate, Third Ward Councilwoman Kathryn Leonard, has reported a substantial war chest, $24,964. That’s according to filings with the state Board of Elections, the most recent due August 11 (28 days before the primary election) for those in a primary elections, and July 31 for

Leonard is in a primary election for her ward 3 seat against Paul E. Marshall, who lists $1,252 in his campaign fund, and Rachel S. Hussey, who is at zero.

Here’s what the candidates reported to the state Board of Elections, as of either August 11 or July 31.

At-large (primary election – reports were due August 11)

Derek Grinkin $0

Elizabeth Cullen $1,231

Elizabeth Fuerte $0

Mayor Jamie Bova $3,801

Councilwoman Jeanne Marie Napolitano $29

Councilman Justin McLaughlin $0

Kevin Michaud $3,650

Councilwoman Lynn Ceglie* $1,103

Meagan Landry $2,380

Olga Henger $325

Councilwoman Susan Taylor $1,051

William Kimes $0

*Lynn Ceglie is currently the Ward 2 Council representative but is running for an at-large seat.

Ward 1 – no primary
Councilwoman Angela McCalla $3,621
Hugo DeAscentis, Jr. $451

Ward 2 – no primary
Charles Holder $0
Kim Salerno $0

Ward 3 – primary
Councilwoman Kathryn Leonard $24,964
Paul Marshall $1,252
Rachel Hussey $0

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