The Alliance Française of Newport is pleased to announce that French language classes will be offered this fall in an on-line format via Zoom.  Beginner and intermediate classes will commence evenings on Tuesday September 15th and will continue weekly until December 8th.  A conversation group for advanced students, “le Salon” will be offered evenings weekly starting on Thursday September 17th.   When safely possible, classes will revert to an in-person format.

All classes will be taught by Professor Dean de la Motte, of the Language Department at Salve Regina University.  For beginner and intermediate level students, the multimedia program, “Living Language French” will be used.  This method is based on linguistic science, proven techniques, and 65 years of experience.  For advanced students in the conversation group, members of the group will take ownership of the content, and the instructor will be there to facilitate. Discussion will be entirely in French.

The Alliance Française of Newport is one of more than 800 Alliance chapters active in 132 countries worldwide. All are dedicated to the study of the French language and culture and to cultural exchange. The Alliance Française of Newport, which has more than 160 local members, has been part of the International Federation of Alliance Française for more than 65 years. 

The cost for beginner and intermediate levels of instruction is $100 plus Alliance membership (starting at $45), plus materials cost of $25.75.  The cost for “le Salon” is $50 plus Alliance membership. For additional information, and to register for the classes, go to the Alliance website at  If you have any questions, please contact the Alliance via email at:

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Although these remain far from “normal” times, Professor Dean de la Motte and the Alliance Française de Newport is looking forward to continuing French courses in an online format (via Zoom) this fall, beginning on Tuesday, September 15 (Beginning and Intermediate French) and Thursday, September 17 (le Salon conversation group). There will be no classes or salon during Thanksgiving week (November 24 and 26, respectively), and final classes will be the week of December 7. 

All beginning AND intermediate students are to purchase to Living Language: French – Complete Edition. This boxed set includes three volumes and nine CDs, and is currently priced at a very reasonable $25.75.

Link to purchase: Living Language – French – Complete Edition

Dr. de la Motte intends to use this set of texts for the entire year, and perhaps we will use it next year as well. The books have been chosen for their high quality, simplicity, and low cost; in many ways they are far more straightforward and better-produced than previous texts we have used. Details about times and how the books are to be used across the two courses this year are given below, under each heading.


Students who have had more than two semesters at the beginning level should not take this class, so that it is limited to true beginners and those with very little background.  We will truly begin at the most rudimentary level.

Here are the details:

·       Class will be on Tuesday nights from 5:30-6:30

·       Beginning the second week of classes, we will use the Living Language French: Essential textbook.  The plan will be to finish the text (the shortest of the three in the bundle) by December. 

·       Students who continue on to the second semester of Beginning/Débutant French in spring semester will be using the first half of the Living Language French: Intermediate text.

To register for the Beginning French Class ALL students must be members of the Alliance Francaise de Newport. Membership costs as little as $45 (less for full-time students)

The cost of the Beginning / Intermediate classes is $100 for the semester.



This course is a continuation of the language for those who have taken beginning French before, and is also open to those who are a bit more advanced and wish to keep strengthening their skills. Please note: due to the simplified approach taken during this pandemic, as well as the need to provide a place for those who are just moving past the beginning stage of their studies, this will be a true intermediate course, including a review of basic French in the early weeks of fall semester. More advanced students who are primarily interested in conversation may wish to consider le Salon on Thursday nights instead of this course. 

Here are the details for the Intermediate/Intermediaires:

·       Class will be on Tuesday nights from 7 to 8 pm

·       Beginning the second week of classes, we will use the Living Language French: Intermediate textbook (though of course you should feel free to use the beginning text for review as well!).  In the first weeks we will do a rapid review of the first half of the text; in the remainder of the semester we will plan to complete it at a slower pace.

·       Students who continue on to the second semester of Intermediate / Intermédiaire French will use the Living Language French: Advanced text (despite its title, it is not extremely advanced). 

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