A Mythic Pause Exhibition at the Jamestown Arts Center

By Jamestown Arts Center

The Jamestown Arts Center (JAC) announces gallery reopening Friday, June 12th. After closing its galleries in mid March due to COVID-19, the JAC is happy to announce that they can invite visitors back into their expansive gallery space to view the A Mythic Pause exhibition in person once again. Exhibition dates have been extended thru August 15th. 

The gallery will now function by appointment with groups of up to five people in the gallery at a time, in 20 minute time slots. To manage social distancing, the JAC’s small gallery will be closed along with the bathrooms and lobby. 

Visitors will enter the gallery directly through a rear door. The facility’s oversized garage doors will remain open except in extreme inclement weather. Masks must be worn at all times by personnel and visitors, while always maintaining social distancing (a minimum of 6 feet apart).  Arrows on the gallery floor will direct visitor traffic through the gallery with floor markers to indicate minimum spacing for social distancing.  Hand sanitizer and tissues will be available for visitors.

These procedures address the first phase of reopening the JAC gallery. The JAC will announce further updates as the state eases restrictions.

Please contact Exhibition Director Karen Conway via email or phone at (401) 285-6925 to make an appointment. New gallery hours are Thursdays: 4pm -7pm, Fridays: 11am – 3pm and Saturdays: 11am – 3pm. The JAC is grateful to have such a spacious, airy gallery for the community’s enjoyment! The JAC is unique and lucky in this aspect amongst arts organizations.

A Mythic Pause exhibition featuring artists Molly Kaderka and Kit Harrington creates an immersive environment with Kaderka’s latest large-scale, site-specific paintings laminated directly to the walls. Using a combination of printmaking, drawing and painting, Kaderka depicts two different realms: the celestial and the terrestrial. Framed by a tactile printed rock surface, the circular compositions act as an aperture to the distant and intangible stars.  Kaderka explores deep time embodied in geological formations and the night sky engaged in a delicate interplay of terrestrial and celestial realms.

The centerpiece of the show is a series of five works that move the viewer from an experience of dense darkness—layers of heavy rock broken by a few slivers of sky—to an encounter with a nearly overwhelming brightness, as the work evokes the night sky four billion years hence, when the neighboring galaxy of Andromeda is predicted to collide with our own Milky Way.  Anchoring the series is an immense and exquisitely balanced formation of rock-like surfaces encircling a night sky, the ancient stones opening to the distant, intangible stars. 

These dramatic installations leave behind our traditional associations of rock and sky with permanence and stillness, illusions born out of our brief interactions with both.   In the nearly unfathomable span of deep time, everything is shifting, spinning, and changing.

Benches fabricated by Kit Harrington accompany Kaderka’s work. The primitive, monolithic design creates an experience that is both fleeting and permanent. By combining raw beams with handmade steel legs, Harrington sought to contribute to the show’s overarching dialogue on wonder and the sublime.

In addition to the A Mythic Pause exhibition, visitors can view a new site-specific ephemeral environmental installation in the JAC parking lot by Bristol Artist Robin Crocker. The installation titled Beckett’s Maze: Go On encourages socially distanced interaction with an invitation to enjoy a walking meditation through the installation. In the design, Crocker incorporates the closing text from Samuel Beckett’s novel, The Unnameable – “You must go on. I can’t go on. I’ll go on.”  “You must go on” marks the entrance into the maze. Gold medallions are spaced 6 feet apart (to ensure social distancing while interacting with the installation) stenciled alternately with “I can’t go on” and “I’ll go on” dotting the pathway through the maze.

JAC Gallery Reopening – A Mythic Pause Exhibition  – At A Glance

WHAT:             JAC Gallery Reopening – A Mythic Pause Exhibition 

WHERE:       Jamestown Arts Center, 18 Valley Street, Jamestown RI 02835

WHEN:          Opening Friday, June 12th, 11am – 3pm
GALLERY HOURS: Thurs: 4pm -7pm  •  Fri.: 11am – 3pm   •  Sat.: 11am – 3pm
TICKETS:             FREE

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