March is Women’s History Month, a time to celebrate the contributions of women in all aspects of our society. WhatsUpNewp reached out to successful women in several professions, asking just a few questions. We will run their responses throughout the month.

Former Rhode Island Attorney General Arlene Violet

WUN: What one, two or three women have inspired you? Please also tell us why these individuals have been important to you.

Alice Violet, my mother, was 46 years old when she lost my dad. She had to learn many things like driving a car, balancing a budget etc. She did so with equanimity.
My mother lived a life of gratitude. She thanked each person for any act of kindness. She lived to be over 100 years old in my view, because she appreciated the goodness of people rather than expect any entitlement.

WUN: What have been some of the obstacles you have encountered, and how you overcame them?

Obstacles: With a mother who had the mantra, “Never let them see you sweat” I never saw any obstacles!

WUN: What advice would you give to a young woman starting out on her career?

Advice: To thine own self be true. After all, you must look yourself in that mirror every day and you better see someone authentic staring back at you!

Frank Prosnitz

Frank Prosnitz brings to WhatsUpNewp several years in journalism, including 10 as editor of the Providence (RI) Business News and 14 years as a reporter and bureau manager at the Providence (RI) Journal....