Al Kamara was born in a tiny impoverished village in Liberia — no utilities, no running water, no schools, no hospitals. One of 21 children, his mother arranged for his “adoption” by a businessman at the age of 10. He entered a world where he would learn to read and write, travel with “foster parents” to Canada and Romania.

He would eventually earn a master’s degree, become a successful businessman and write The Drive to Aim High: Seven Powerful Mindsets Proven to Guarantee Your Success. Al’s is a compelling story of resolve, spirit, yes, luck.

A Bridge To The Futures is our ongoing series about the immigrants who are helping to build our region’s future. We will be running stories of first generation immigrants who are making a difference in America, and in our community.

Our list is long, from those in professions, business owners, students, educators, and community organizers. From every corner of our region, with diverse backgrounds and skills … all sharing a dream that indeed they are part of that “Bridge to America’s future.”

We invite you, if you are a first generation immigrant, to let us tell your story, or if you know of someone you think we should be spotlighting … email me at


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