The Matsiko World Orphan Choir will be sharing its inspirational message of hope at Emmanuel Church in Newport on Monday, May 6th at 7:00 pm. 

Matsiko’s performance is free, and everyone is welcome to attend!  For those interested in supporting the choir, handmade items from the children’s countries will be available for purchase, and a love offering will be taken.  The church is located at 42 Dearborn Street in Newport.  Free parking is available in the lot directly across from the church.

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The Matsiko choir is currently made up of 23 of the world’s poorest orphaned and at-risk children: 6 from Peru, 2 from India, 9 from Liberia and 6 from Nepal. Their ages range from 10 to 18, and they are sharing a message of hope on their 11-month tour across the United States.

Matsiko is the flagship vehicle of the International Children’s Network (ICN). According to Don Windham, ICN founder, “Participants in the choir are auditioned annually, and they are selected from a pool of hundreds before leaving their home nations to travel for the first time in their lives. These chosen few become part of a 1-year U.S. tour, and they are the greatest ambassadors for our world’s orphaned and vulnerable children. Before coming to the US, some of these children had never experienced electricity or worn shoes. But now they sing and dance and share their stories for a very worthy goal:  to raise hope, awareness and educational sponsorship for the world’s 600 million orphaned and at-risk children.  Because of this sponsorship, our world’s neediest children can be empowered to become doctors, lawyers, mechanics or any other profession.  Many children have benefited from sponsorship, and because their lives have been changed, they are now able to change the lives of their family, village, nation and even the world!  Sponsorship is the best way to give orphaned and at-risk children the chance to break the cycle of poverty and take better control of their futures. 

Through the sharing of their culture, music, pain and joy, Matsiko World Orphan Choir performances provide a complete picture of the challenges these children face each day.   The kids sing with such passion and meaning that their hope of overcoming tragedy and the life-changing effects of an education is truly inspiring.  They capture the hearts of all who hear their hope-filled message with their contagious energy and zeal which shines through in their powerful presentation of original songs, cultural dances and multimedia testimony. 

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