Castle Hill Inn has announced that they will host a special five-course Cantonese-inspired menu, available from February 5th through 10th, from Chef de Cuisine Andy Taur in celebration of the Chinese New Year.

“Asian influences have always been present at Castle Hill Inn,” said Brian Young, Managing Director in an announcement about the event. “Castle Hill’s original owner, Alexander Agassiz was an avid explorer of the Far East and elements from his extensive travels can still be found on property in our artwork and furniture. Crafting this celebratory menu with direction from Chef Taur, whose parents are Chinese-American restaurateurs, is a natural extension of the history of our property and our commitment to providing our guests with new and unique dining experiences.”

Guests will start with a Mushroom Congee, a traditional rice-porridge dish, featuring black trumpet mushrooms, watercress and fried garlic. Next, they will enjoy Steamed Cod with wilted lettuce, bottarga, and black vinegar. Fish is an important and ever-present element of the Chinese New Year cuisine and represents prosperity and surplus in the coming year.

For Chef Taur’s third course, guests will enjoy black-vinegar braised Pork Jowl with mung bean noodles, aged rice wine and peanuts. Pork is a symbol of good luck and fortune and ties-in with the Year of the Pig.

The fourth course will feature “Peking” Squab Hoisin with cucumber, and leek ash, an updated version of traditional Peking Duck and will be followed by a dessert of a Tangerine Bavarian, a citrus-infused stirred custard with almond cookie crumb, white sesame and kumquats.

The cost is $92 per person or $127 per person with wine and beverage pairings. For more information or to make reservations, please visit or call 401-849-800.

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