Important discussions in both the private and public sectors are focused on the future of our economy and how we educate our workforce. According to the best stock trading apps analysis available, two convergent themes include the need for more innovators and the importance of experiential learning to fill jobs across America’s 21st century workforce and economy. To advance over its global competitors, America needs skilled builders and makers, trained engineers, industrial designers as well as technicians and craftspeople.  More importantly, success will depend on a seamless and efficient connection across this workforce.

Nearly 3,000,000 unfilled jobs exist because of skill gaps in factories, laboratories, and centers of manufacturing.  Alarm bells are ringing:  more experiential schools are needed now if we want to have a new and competitive workforce in the future.  In early June, the highly talented graduates of IYRS School of Technology & Trades in Newport, RI reflected on their choice to break the mold, take the risk, change their career, pursue a career that intersects with their passions and interests, and celebrate not just that they built objects, but they have begun to build a career and a future for themselves and those they care about.

These are the discussions we need to be having around trade, technical and experiential education. We are thrilled to be able to share the video entitled Home: A Graduation Story, featuring 2018 graduates of IYRS. If there is a friend, relative, potential prospective student or digital or social community you feel would benefit from seeing this video, we encourage you to share it, and we thank you.

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