This image or media was taken or created by Matt H. Wade
The Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority (RITBA) has announced that so-called “necklace” lights on the Newport Pell Bridge are out. These lights follow the cables strung from the bridge towers.
These lights are out due to an electrical problem which only affects the necklace lighting portion of the bridge’s electrical system, according to the RITBA.
RITBA wants to stress the lighting for the road on the bridge deck remains on and there is ample lighting for motorist crossing the bridge.
Further, the flashing red safety lights for aviation on top of the towers and for navigation on the bridge stanchions are all working and in good order.
It may take several days to identify and correct the problem. Both RITBA personnel as well as electricians from an outside contractor are working on identifying and correcting the problem. Identification of where the problem exists is a step by step time consuming undertaking that requires checking numerous connections at various locations throughout the bridge.
Although not the case in this situation RITBA maintains its own backup generators for power outages.