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I met Dawn Euer when we worked together on Lauren Carson’s first campaign for Rhode Island House District 75.  In fact, Dawn was the first person to encourage Lauren to run for office. Since then I have watched Dawn in action working to improve our community: as project manager for the Newport Open Space Partnership, as advisor to the anti-casino effort, and as a “go to” resource for all things in Rhode Island political affairs. As she embarks on her run for the Senate District 13 seat, Dawn Euer is my candidate of choice.

So, how do you make your choice in this election when all four Democratic candidates seem to hold the same views on important issues? They appear to agree on the environment; jobs and the economic future of the state; transparency in government; and about the welfare of us “seniors.” If the issues do not distinguish them what does? What made me decide to vote for Dawn Euer?

Dawn is a practicing attorney and uses her training when making decisions and weighs all the facts in complicated situations. Dawn is an idealist, but her rock-solid values are balanced by practical experience and informed knowledge about what is possible. She knows how to choose her battles as well as how to get things done. And lastly, Dawn is the only woman running in the Democratic Primary. And yes, that does matter and makes a difference to me.

She is simply the best of the bunch and I encourage you to join me in voting for Dawn Euer in the Democratic Primary on June 18.

Isabel Griffith, Newport resident


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