Here’s something to look forward to in 2017: Spirits are coming to The Wharf Pub!

The rustic bar and restaurant, known for it’s comfort food and selection of local craft beers, is trading its beer and wine license (aka pub license) with the folks at Stoneacre Pantry for their full liquor license, said Wharf Pub co-owner Scott Kirmil.

Stoneacre, which is moving to the former Yesterday’s space in Washington Square, will take over the full liquor license already attached to that venue. They’ll use their new beer and wine license at the former Stoneacre location for a new casual dining project. More details to come.

“Wharf Pub’s transition to spirits will happen sometime in in February 2017,” Kirmil said. Their hearing is on January 25th.

Kirmil said he and his wife, co-owner Adrienne Kirmil, are looking forward to expanding Wharf Pub’s beverage menu and accommodating people who may not be into beer and wine, and are more interested in cocktails like bourbons and vodka tonics.

“We’re still going to be a rustic-themed space with cool comfort food featuring local farms and local beer,” Kirmil said. “Now we can tie in local spirits, southern whiskey cocktails and rare whiskies and bourbons that aren’t found in most places.”

Got a favorite or unique whiskey you’d like to see at the new Wharf Pub? Let Scott and Adrienne know in the comments section or on Wharf Pub’s Facebook page. The beverage list is currently work in progress, and they’d love local input.

While we wait to see what type of cocktails the Wharf Pub team will be concocting in 2017, make plans to check out their New Year’s Day brunch.  “We’re doing our first brunch on New Years Day,” Kirmil said. “It’s new venture for us and will feature a southern style brunch menu. It’s a trial run for adding Sunday brunch later in the season.”

Kirmil said the Wharf Pub team will also be working on making light changes to the bar to accommodate spirits and will be working on staff training this January.

Check out Wharf Pub here: