Ever wondered what the difference is between an Ale and a Lager? Most people think they’re similar but actually they’re very different.

What is an Ale?

When brewing an Ale, it uses yeast to be fermented at the top of the fermentation tank at high temperatures. An Ale usually takes up to eight days to be ferment and be ready to serve. The yeast in Ale’s generally produce a big flavors such as pine or citrus and a lot more aromatics than lagers. They also tend to have more sugar in the fermentation process.
What is Lager?

Lager comes from Germany meaning “to store”. In the fermentation process Lager’s uses yeast strain from the bottom and at low temperatures resulting in a longer fermentation time could be weeks, could be months. The yeast in lagers produces fewer characteristics than yeast in ales, which creates a cleaner and crisp taste. The color of beer doesn’t tell you anything as far as if the beer is an ale or lager. The type of beer has everything to do with the brewing process and how it is fermented.
Next time you stop into The Wharf Pub ask your server or bartender what ale’s or lagers we offer. Cheers!

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