Newport Comprehensive Land Use Program

The City of Newport and the Planning Board are in process of updating the Newport Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

This update includes only the updating of data and statistics to keep the document that was adopted in 2004 in compliance with current State requirements.

A City Plan provides the foundation for a wide variety of actions, all designed to help citizens accomplish a shared vision for their community. Updating a Plan allows the City to investigate, identify and implement actions that are necessary to address changes in circumstances that have occurred since the adoption of the last City Plan. In this way, a Plan is a “living” document.

Newport’s current form is a product of both organic and planned development. While much of the City “fabric” is well established, a lot has changed since 2004, when the last Plan was adopted. Major employers have moved, technology has advanced and, changes in global climate conditions have contributed to sea level rise, more frequent and intense storm events, elevated flood levels and storm surge, all of which threaten the City’s economy, property and citizens. Funding for necessary capital infrastructure is hard to find and our population is becoming older and more diverse. These changes create challenges, but also opportunities. The Plan update needs to address all of this and more.
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The State of Rhode Island has issued new requirements for municipalities to include in their next Comprehensive Plan. After the data revisions are complete and adopted,

Newport has begun the process of reviewing and revising the entire document and on May 5th, 2015 updated their Comprehensive Land Use Plan Local Adoption Timeline

May 2 – Regularly scheduled planning board meeting – Discuss proposed timeline and introduce element review schedule

May 16 – Special planning board meeting – Land Use; Economic Development (with Agriculture); and Transportation & Circulation

June 6 – Regularly scheduled planning board meeting

June 20 – Special planning board meeting – Housing; Neighborhoods; and Historic & Cultural Resources

July 7 – Regularly scheduled planning board meeting

July 18 – Special planning board meeting – Community Services & Facilities; Water; and Energy

August 1 – Regularly scheduled planning board meeting

August 15 – Special planning board meeting – Open Space & Recreation; Natural Resources; and Natural Hazards & Climate Change

September 8 – Regularly scheduled planning board meeting

* September 19 – Public Hearing of the Planning Board

October 3 – Regularly scheduled planning board meeting

** October 26 – City Council Public Hearing and Adoption

November 4 – Submission to Statewide Planning
Tentatively Scheduled Dates

* Special Planning Board Comprehensive Plan Public Hearing Approval Vote

** City Council Public Hearing & Plan Adoption

*** Submission to Statewide Planning

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