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VIDEO: Ice Skating on Lily Pond in Newport

Is there anything more nostalgic and fun then heading to Lily Pond for some good ol’ fashioned ice skating? It would be tough to find.

This great Vimeo video that was shot in January 2015 was uploaded by the incredible photographer (and videographer!), Onne van der Wal. Onne shared it on Facebook with the following caption “Will we get temps like this again this winter? Not sure, but one thing is for sure, it was beautiful and good fun.”

It’s certainly not cold enough yet, Onne! Enjoy the video and if you feel like ice skating any time soon, we encourage everyone to head to the Newport Skating Center. The ice is nice and safe there!

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Skating on Lily Pond, Newport. RI. from Onne van der Wal on Vimeo.

Featured photo is of a screenshot from the video, by Onne van der Wal.