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As the long-awaited Memorial Day Weekend approaches, the National Weather Service has released its latest forecast, and it seems that sunshine and mild temperatures will dominate the holiday weekend here in Newport.

According to the National Weather Service, this afternoon will be sunny in Newport, with a high near 67 degrees Fahrenheit. The wind will initially blow from the northeast at around 8 mph, gradually shifting to a southeast direction. As the day progresses, the skies will remain mostly clear, setting the stage for a pleasant evening.

The weather will continue cooperating tonight, offering ideal conditions for outdoor gatherings or stargazing. The forecast indicates mostly clear skies, with temperatures dropping to a low of around 46 degrees Fahrenheit. A light south wind of 5 to 7 mph will transition to calm in the evening, ensuring a tranquil night for all.

On Saturday, sunshine will once again dominate the weather as people take advantage of the weekend. The day will start with mild temperatures, with a high near 68 degrees Fahrenheit. The wind will be light and variable, gradually shifting to a south direction and reaching speeds of 5 to 10 mph in the morning.

As Saturday night approaches, the skies will remain mostly clear, creating an inviting atmosphere for evening activities. The low temperature will be around 52 degrees Fahrenheit, accompanied by a gentle west wind of 6 to 8 mph.

Sunday will offer another opportunity to soak up the sun, with bright and pleasant conditions. The high temperature is expected to reach around 68 degrees Fahrenheit, and a southwest wind of 7 to 13 mph will provide a refreshing breeze throughout the day.

Sunday night will bring some clouds, adding a touch of variety to the weekend weather. The forecast predicts partly cloudy skies, with a low temperature of approximately 54 degrees Fahrenheit. A southwest wind of 9 to 11 mph will continue to blow, maintaining a comfortable ambiance.

Memorial Day, the culminating day of the long weekend, promises to be particularly enjoyable. The high temperature will climb to around 72 degrees Fahrenheit with the sun shining brightly. Initially, a north wind of 8 to 14 mph will prevail, eventually shifting to an east direction in the afternoon.

As the holiday draws to a close, Monday night will remain mostly clear, allowing people to savor the last hours of their weekend. The temperature will drop to a low of approximately 50 degrees Fahrenheit, accompanied by an east wind of 9 to 14 mph.

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