Kinglsey. Photo Credit: Potter League for Animals.

Meet Kingsley and Koko, this week’s adoptable pets of the week.

Kingsley and Koko are a bonded pair of Sugar gliders.

For those not familiar with Sugar gliders, they are small, marsupial mammals native to Australia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. They are known for their ability to glide through the air using a specialized flap of skin called a “patagium” that stretches between their front and hind legs. They are typically about the size of a squirrel and have a lifespan of about 15 years in captivity. Sugar gliders are social animals and typically live in colonies in the wild. They are also nocturnal, active mainly at night. They are omnivores, eating a diet of insects, nectar, fruits, and sap from trees.

“Kingsley & Koko are a bonded pair of sugar gliders! These absolutely adorable marsupials are nocturnal,” Potter League for Animals says about the duo. “They have incredibly cool fur, big beautiful eyes and the sweetest little noses! Sugar gliders require research before ownership. There are things to be aware of, like their special diet and their displayed behavior prior to bonding with an owner. If you are interested in owning these special creatures, do some googling, and learn about the specific care they require.”

Kingsley is a male and is approximately 2 years and 6 months old.

Kinglsey. Photo Credit: Potter League for Animals.

Koko is a female and is approximately 6 years old.

Koko. Photo Credit: Potter League for Animals.

For more information about this animal, call: Potter League for Animals at (401) 846-8276

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