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I urge the voters of Middletown to join with me in supporting and voting for Senator Louis  DiPalma, who represents Middletown in the Rhode Island State Senate. Lou has served his  Middletown constituents faithfully and with honor for many years while on the Middletown Town  Council from 2004 to 2008 and thereafter 7 terms in the RI State Senate since 2008. He has always  put the interests of his constituency front and center to get the results needed to provide the  necessary services to everyone in Middletown and all other communities that he represents. He is  highly regarded by his colleagues in government and also has received support at the polls over  the years which allowed him to become an influential member of the Rhode Island Senate.  Currently, Lou is the Chair of the Senate Oversight Committee and Vice Chair of the Senate  Finance Committee; as such he has championed fiscally responsible budgets that grow our local  and State economies, fixed our roads and bridges, improved education and addressed climate  challenges as well. He brings to the table 40 years of engineering experience at Raytheon  Technologies which includes his current role as Undersea Systems Chief Engineer. As a result of  his training, he has the necessary skills to insure all decisions he makes are fact-based and data  driven. Over the last 2 years he has delivered on his promises for getting results for his  constituency such as removing the car tax and income tax on military/Social Security/pensions,  enacted $250M investments in housing and fought to ensure appropriate funding for programs  assisting the underserved in our state.  

Based on the recent state budget, with the utilization of a surplus and the American Rescue Plan  Act (APRA) of 2021, Lou will use that funding in his role as First Vice Chairman of the Senate  Committee on Finance to leverage this unexpected surplus in this year’s budget to lessen the  impact of inflation on all his constituents in District 12.  

In my recollection as a political participant and observer over the major portion of my adult life,  Lou is a rare commodity. He is concerned with the issues involving his constituents and has no  self-serving motivation at all as he represents his constituency. Middletown will be well served in  the future by returning Lou DiPalma to the Rhode Island Senate in District 12. He has my  unparalleled support and I hope he will have yours too.  

Robert Silva, Middletown resident

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