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Results will begin to display after the polls close on November 08, 2022 at 8:00 PM. Updates will occur every 5-10 minutes as new data becomes available.

Unofficial results: Updated November 15, 2022 04:20 PM

5 of 5 polling places reporting (100%)

Non-Partisan Town Council Town of Middletown

7 to elect

CandidateBallot breakoutTotal votesPct
Peter D. Connerton, Sr.Polling place: 1846Mail ballots: 404Early Voting: 1164341412.8%
Thomas P. Welch, IIIPolling place: 1706Mail ballots: 419Early Voting: 1163328812.3%
Emily M. TessierPolling place: 1757Mail ballots: 389Early Voting: 1019316511.9%
Paul M. RodriguesPolling place: 1666Mail ballots: 415Early Voting: 1025310611.7%
Christopher M. LoganPolling place: 1516Mail ballots: 335Early Voting: 1043289410.9%
M. Theresa SantosPolling place: 1492Mail ballots: 403Early Voting: 924281910.6%
Dennis B. TuranoPolling place: 1534Mail ballots: 352Early Voting: 926281210.6%
Barbara A. VonVillasPolling place: 1416Mail ballots: 432Early Voting: 954280210.5%
Antone C. ViveirosPolling place: 1251Mail ballots: 264Early Voting: 67221878.2%
Write-inPolling place: 90Mail ballots: 16Early Voting: 391450.5%

Non-Partisan School Committee Town of Middletown

3 to elect

CandidateBallot breakoutTotal votesPct
Wendy E. HeaneyPolling place: 1648Mail ballots: 336Early Voting: 999298326.5%
Theresa M. Silveira SpenglerPolling place: 1545Mail ballots: 398Early Voting: 929287225.5%
Gregory M. HuetPolling place: 1442Mail ballots: 328Early Voting: 932270224.0%
Liana FentonPolling place: 1421Mail ballots: 340Early Voting: 899266023.6%
Write-inPolling place: 40Mail ballots: 8Early Voting: 10580.5%

Data Source: Rhode Island Board of Elections

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