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Newport City Council will host its next Regular Council Meeting in the Council Chambers at Newport City Hall on Wednesday, October 26 at 6:30 pm.

The meeting is open to the public, here’s a look at what’s on the docket.




OCTOBER 26, 2022

The following items of business, filed with the City Clerk under the Rules of the Council, will come before the Council at a meeting to be held on October 26, 2022 at 6:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, City Hall, 43 Broadway, Newport, RI 02840.


Citizens’ Forum: (Speakers must sign in with the City Clerk) The Citizens’ Forum period shall be no longer than fifteen minutes, and citizens may address the Council on one subject only and for no longer than three minutes.  Issues to be discussed shall not include matters to be considered or discussed as part of the regular Council agenda and must be related to substantive city business.  No comments regarding personnel or job performance are allowed.


a. Special Events:

1. Key & Serpent Society, d/b/a Witchy Tea, Tarot Readings &                                                                                                     Vendors, Elks Lodge, 141 Pelham St.; November 13, 2022 from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

2. Bowen’s Wharf Company, d/b/a 52nd Annual Bowen’s Wharf Christmas Tree Lighting, Bowen’s Wharf; December 3 & 4, 2022 from 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

3. R.I. Arts Foundation at Newport, Inc., d/b/a Newport Classical-Messiah at the Mansion, Rosecliff Mansion; December 4, 2022 from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

 b.      Communication from Paul Marshall, re:  Resignation from the Planning Board (Receive with regret)


  2. Pedicab Business License, Renewal, Timothy Burke, d/b/a Grace Pedicab Corp, 6 Karen Ann Drive, Bristol, RI (1 pedicab)

  3. Entertainment License Renewal, Class A (indoors), NDC Enterprises, d/b/a Norey’s, 156 Broadway

  4. 2022-2023 Victualing License Renewals (list attached):

a)  Liquor establishments

b) Non-liquor establishments

c) Non-liquor establishments- extended hours (2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.)


(Vacancies currently or soon will exist on the Planning Board, Beach Commission and Affirmative Action Commission)


Juvenile Hearing Board– Quintan Jones (3-year term expires 10/26/2025)


     6. Newport Skatepark- L. Ceglie, E. Fuerte, C. Holder


  7. Amending Chapter, 10.24.010 entitled, “Parking Prohibited at all times in designated places” (First Reading)

  8. Amending Chapter 10.20.170 entitled, “Towing by police division” (First Reading)


  9. Communication from Tanner L. Jackson, Esq., re:  Residential Parking on George Street


10. Action Item #6104/22 – RE:  Temporary Increase in Purchasing Limits (w/accompanying resolution)

11. Action Item #6105/22 – RE:  CRMC File No. 2022-06-148 – Application of William Ruh Trust  – Construct and Maintain a Residential Boating Facility – 88 Washington Street

12. Action Item #6106/22 – RE: Collective Bargaining Agreement between the City of Newport and AFSCME, Council 94, Local 911, for the period of July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2024  (w/accompanying resolution and ordinance)



LICENSES AND PERMITS                                                                                     

1. 2022-2023 Liquor License Renewals by Class:



Bellevue Wine & Spirits LLC

d/b/a Bellevue Wine & Spirits

at 181 Bellevue Ave.

Fifth Ward Liquor, Inc.

d/b/a Fifth Ward Liquor

at 695 Thames St.

Harry S. Karanikolas, Inc.

d/b/a Harry’s Liquor Store

at 199 Connell Hgwy.

Hoan, Inc.

d/b/a Rex Liquors

at 146 Broadway

IDC Rum Runner, Inc.

d/b/a Rum Runner

at 5 Marina Plaza Unit A

KRG Enterprises, Inc.

d/b/a Bridge Liquors

at 23 Connell Hgwy.


d/b/a Bliss Road Beer, Wine & Spirits

at 25 Bliss Rd.

New Newport Liquor, LLC

d/b/a Point Wine & Spirits

at 3 Thames St.

 Newport Wine Cellar, LLC

d/b/a Newport Wine Cellar

at 5 Merton Rd.

Shiva Corporation

d/b/a Downtown Liquors

at Cottons Ct.

Shiv Wine Corp

d/b/a Thames Wine and Spirits

at 433 Thames St. Unit 

Vickers’ Liquors LLC

d/b/a Vickers’ Liquors

at 274 Bellevue Ave.



Cliffside Inn LLC

d/b/a Cliffside Inn

at 2 Seaview Ave.

Forty 1 North LLC

d/b/a 41 Degrees North

at 351 Thames St. 14, 16, 20 Perry Mill Wharf

Viking Tenant LLC

d/b/a Hotel Viking

at 1 Bellevue Ave.



 1899, LLC

 d/b/a Vanderbilt Room

 256 Maple Ave.

 Beverage Newport Shipyard, LLC

d/b/a Belle’s Café

at One Washington St.

 Boru Noodles, LLC

 d/b/a Boru Noodle Bar

 36 Broadway & 51-53 Marlborough

  JJ Thai Cuisine, Inc.

d/b/a Thai Cuisine

at 517 Thames St.

  Mama Luisa, Inc.

d/b/a Mamma Luisa Italian Restaurant

at 673 Thames St.

 NDC Enterprises, LLC

 d/b/a Norey’s

 56 Broadway

 Nicks Fine Foods, Inc.

 d/b/a Nikolas Pizza

 38 Memorial Blvd. West

North Italian Restaurant Brio, Inc.

d/b/a Lucia Italian Restaurant/Pizza Lucia

at 186B-190B Thames St.

Radish Patch, LLC

d/b/a Vieste & Vino Wine 

at 580 Thames St. Unit B102, B103 and B104

Tokyo, Inc.

d/b/a Newport Tokyo House Sushi Hibachi

at 6-10 Equality Park Place

Mori Corp

 d/b/a Mori

 181 Bellevue Ave., Unit D




d/b/a Brenton Hotel

at 31 America’s Cup Ave.

Castle Hill, Inc.

d/b/a Castle Hill Inn and Resort

at 590 Ocean Ave.

Chanler, Inc., The

d/b/a Chanler at Cliff Walk, The

at 117 Memorial Blvd.

Forty 1 North LLC

d/b/a 41 Degrees North

at 351 Thames 14, 16, 20 Perry Mill Wharf

   Giusto, LLC

  d/b/a Giusto, LLC

  4 Commercial Wharf   

  Marriott Hotel Services, Inc.

d/b/a Newport Marriott Hotel

at 25 America’s Cup Ave.

Newport Time Resorts, Inc.

d/b/a Oceancliff

at 65 Ridge Road (hotel only)  

 NPG Hospitality, LLC

d/b/a Gurney’s Newport Resort and Marina

at 1 Goat Island

True Tides, LLC

 d/b/a Smuggler’s Waterfront Bar & Grill

at 359 Thames St.

Shaner Rhode Island LLC

d/b/a Saltwater

at 49 America’s Cup Ave.

 Surf Club, LLC

d/b/a Surf Club

 337 Thames St. 

 Vanderbilt Hotel, LLC

 d/b/a Vanderbilt, The

 41 Mary St.  

Viking Tenant LLC

d/b/a Hotel Viking

at 1 Bellevue Ave.



@ The Deck, LLC

d/b/a @ The Deck

at 1 Waite’s Wharf

1899, LLC

d/b/a La Forge Casino Restaurant

at 186-188 Bellevue Ave.  

 1899, LLC

 d/b/a Wally’s Wieners

 464 Thames St.

2 Church Street, LLC

d/b/a Queen Anne’s Loft

at 212 Thames St.  

22 Bowen’s Wine Bar and Grille, LLC

d/b/a 22 Bowen’s Wine Bar and Grille

at 22 Bowen’s Wharf

 22 Washington Sq., Inc.

d/b/a Bar Cino

at 22-24 Washington Sq.  

 99 West, LLC

d/b/a 99 Restaurant and Pub

at 199 Connell Hgwy.

American Bistro, LLC

d/b/a Jo’s American Bistro

at 24 Memorial Blvd. West.

 Belle Mer, Inc.

 d/b/a Belle Mer

 2 Goat Island

  Bloody Bull, LLC

  d/b/a Manchester House

  24 Lee’s Wharf


d/b/a Gas Lamp Grille, The

at 206-208 Thames St.

Broadway Tavern LTD.

d/b/a Tavern on Broadway

at 12, 16-18 Broadway

Brownstone, Inc.

d/b/a One Pelham East & Top of Pelham

at 270-276 Thames St. & 3 Pelham St. 

Café Zelda, LLC

d/b/a Cafe Zelda

at 528-530 Thames St.

 Carpe Noctem, LLC

d/b/a Fifth Element, The

at 107-111 Broadway

  Carter LLC

d/b/a Speakeasy Bar and Grill

at 250 Thames St.

Celtica, LLC

d/b/a Celtica

at 95 Long Wharf

Clarke Cooke House, LLC

d/b/a Clarke Cooke House, Cooke House, Candy Store, The

at 26 Bannister’s Wharf

  Diego’s Newport, LLD

  d/b/a Diego’s

  11 Bowen’s Wharf12

Dockside North, LLC

d/b/a Riptides

at 25 Waite’s WF #B

Fastnet, Inc.

d/b/a Fastnet, The

at 1-3 Broadway

Five Tempus LTD

d/b/a O’Brien’s Pub

at 501 Thames St.

Goat Island Grille, Inc.

d/b/a Regatta Place, The

at 5 Marina Plaza, Goat Island

Robin Realty, LLC

 d/b/a -t/b/d 

at 103-105 Bellevue Ave.

Hillside & Cappy, Inc.

d/b/a Hillside Cafe

at 8 Memorial Blvd West

JR Pizza Corp

d/b/a Antonio’s Pizza

at 150 Connell Highway

 Kale Stems, LLC

 d/b/a Stoneacre

 28-30 Washington Sq.

Kelkery Food and Spirits, Inc.

d/b/a Perro Salado

at 19 Charles ST

 Kinsley’s LTD

d/b/a Newport Blues Cafe

at 286 Thames St

L and B Associates, LLC

d/b/a Stoneacre Garden

at 151 Swinburne Row

Leinster, Inc.

d/b/a Malt

at 150-154 Broadway

Liquor Thames, LLC

d/b/a Bar & Board

at 282 Thames St.

Marina Café, LLC

d/b/a Marina Café

at 3 Marina Plaza


d/b/a Pour Judgement

  at 32-34 Broadway  

 Mermaids Newport, LLC

d/b/a Poor Richard’s-Benjamins

at 254 Thames St.

Midtown Oyster Bar LLC

d/b/a Midtown Oyster Bar & Grill

at 341,343,345 Thames St.

Mooring LTD, The

d/b/a Mooring Seafood Kitchen & Bar, The

at 2 Sayer’s WF

Mooring LTD, The

d/b/a Smokehouse Cafe

at 31 Scott’s WF

N T Corporation

d/b/a Black Pearl, The

at Bannister’s Wharf

 Nautilus Restaurant, LLC

 d/b/a Scales & Shells

 527-537 Thames St.

 Newport Playhouse & Cabaret Restaurant

d/b/a Newport Playhouse & Cabaret Restaurant

at 102 Connell Hwy

Newport Waterfront Landing, Inc.

d/b/a Landing, The

at 30 Bowen’s WF

Old Battle Axe, Inc.

d/b/a Reef, The

at West Howard WF

Pale, LLC The

d/b/a Buskers

at 178 Thames St.

Parlor, LLC

d/b/a Parlor

at 200-206 Broadway & 1 Gould St.  

Pasta Beach LLC

d/b/a Pasta Beach

at 136-138 Bellevue Ave.

Plumb, Inc.

d/b/a Brick Alley Pub & Restaurant

at 140 & 142 Thames St.

Premier Entertainment II, LLC

d/b/a Newport Grand

at 150 Admiral Kalbfus Rd.

Red Parrot, Inc., The

d/b/a Red Parrot Restaurant, The

at 344-348 Thames St.

Restaurant Bouchard, Inc.

d/b/a Restaurant Bouchard & TSK at the Revolving Door Restaurant

at 505-509 Thames St.

  Rhumbline, LLC

  d/b/a Rhumbline

  255 Thames St.

S R Corporation

d/b/a Sardella’s Restaurant

at 30-32-34 Memorial Blvd West

Stone Soup LLC

d/b/a Caleb & Broad

at 162 & 2 Caleb Earl Broadway

Waite’s Wharf Grille LLC

d/b/a Boat Dockside, The

at 25 Waite’s Wharf #A

 Wharf Pub Newport, LLC

 d/b/a Wharf Pub

 37 Bowen’s Wharf


 Bull Shot, LLC

 d/b/a Cabana

 140 Broadway



Ancient Order of Hibernians Division #1 in Newport

d/b/a Ancient Order of Hibernians

at 2 Wellington Ave.

  Friendly Sons of Newport Social Club, Inc.

d/b/a Friendly Sons of Newport Social Club

at 5 Farewell St

Ida Lewis Yacht Club

d/b/a Ida Lewis Yacht Club

at Lime Rock – Wellington Ave.

 Irish American Athletic Club

d/b/a Irish American Athletic Club

at 642 Thames St.

New York Yacht Club

d/b/a New York Yacht Club Harbour Court

at Harbour Court – 5 Halidon AV

Newport Country Club

d/b/a Newport Country Club

at 280 Harrison Ave.

Newport Lodge #104 Benevolent & Protective Order of Elk’s

d/b/a Elk’s Club

at 141 Pelham St.

 Newport Reading Room

d/b/a Newport Reading Room

at 29 Bellevue Ave.

Newport Yacht Club

d/b/a Newport Yacht Club

at City Wharf – Long Wharf

NSC, Inc.

d/b/a Newport Sportsmans Club, The

at 110 Connell Hwy 

  Protective Club

 d/b/a Protective Club

 596 Thames St.

Spouting Rock Beach Association

d/b/a Bailey’s Beach

at 34 Ocean Ave.

 Thames Street International Yacht & Athletic Club

 d/b/a Thames Street Int’l Yacht & Athletic Club

 536 Thames St.

Vasco Da Gama Portuguese American Charitable Society Inc.

d/b/a Vasco Da Gama Portuguese American Charitable Society Inc.

at 15 Fenner Ave.  



Historic Wharves Associates, Inc.

d/b/a Bohlin, The

at Commercial Wharf



 WHT Management, LLC

d/b/a White Horse Tavern

at 26 Marlborough St.



Fine Arts Newport, Inc.

d/b/a Jane Pickens Theater & Event Center

at 49 Touro Street

Laura C. Swistak

  City Clerk

Adjourn- October 19, 2022

Victualing Renewals for LIQUOR Establishments 

DBA Ownership Address


@ The Deck @ The Deck, LLC 1 Waite’s Wharf

22 Bowen’s Wine Bar and Grille 22 Bowen’s Wine Bar and Grille, LLC 22 Bowen’s Wharf

41 Degrees North Forty 1 North LLC 351 Thames 14, 16, 20 Perry

99 Restaurant and Pub 99 West, LLC 199 Connell Hgwy.

Ancient Order of Hibernians Ancient Order of Hibernians Division. #1 in 2 Wellington Ave.

Antonio’s Pizza JR Pizza Corp 150 Connell Highway

Bar & Board Liquor Thames, LLC 282 Thames St.

Bar Cino 22 Washington Sq., Inc. 22-24 Washington Sq.

Belle Mer Belle Mer,  Inc. 2 Goat Island

Belle’s Café Beverage Newport Shipyard, LLC One Washington St.

Black Pearl, The N T Corporation Bannister’s Wharf

Boat Dockside, The Waite’s Wharf Grille LLC 25 Waite’s Wharf #A

Bohlin, The Historic Wharves Associates, Inc. Commercial Wharf

Boru Noodle Bar Boru Noodles, LLC 36 Broadway & 51-53 

Brenton Hotel BHLL, LLC 31 America’s Cup Ave.

Brick Alley Pub & Restaurant Plumb, Inc. 140 Thames St.

Buskers Pale, LLC The 178 Thames St.

Cabana Bull Shot, LLC 140 Broadway

Cafe Zelda Café Zelda, LLC 528 Thames St.

Caleb & Broad Stone Soup LLC 162 Broadway

Castle Hill Inn Castle Hill, Inc. 590 Ocean Ave.

Celtica Celtica, LLC 95 Long Wharf

Chanler at Cliff Walk, The Chanler, Inc., The 117 Memorial Blvd.

Clarke Cooke House, Cooke House, Candy Clarke Cooke House, LLC 26 Bannister’s Wharf

Diego’s Diego’s Newport, LLC 11 Bowen’s Wharf

Fastnet, The Fastnet, Inc. 1 Broadway

Fifth Element, The Carpe Noctem, LLC 107 Broadway

Gas Lamp Grille, The BMT, LLC 206 Thames St.

Giusto, LLC Giusto, LLC 4 Commercial Wharf

Gurney’s Newport Resort and Marina NPG Hospitality, LLC 1 Goat Island

Hillside Cafe Hillside & Cappy, Inc. 8 Memorial Blvd West

Hotel Viking Viking Tenant LLC 1 Bellevue Ave.

Jane Pickens Theater & Event Center Fine Arts Newport, Inc. 49 Touro Street

Jo’s American Bistro American Bistro, LLC 24 Memorial Blvd. West.

La Forge Casino Restaurant 1899, LLC 186 Bellevue Ave.

Landing, The Newport Waterfront Landing, Inc. 30 Bowen’s WF

Lucia Italian Restaurant/Pizza Lucia North Italian Restaurant Brio, Inc. 186B-190B Thames St.

Malt Leinster, Inc. 150 Broadway

Mamma Luisa Italian Restaurant Mama Luisa, Inc. 673 Thames St.

Manchester House Bloody Bull,LLC 24 Lee’s Wharf

Marina Café Marina Café, LLC 3 Marina Plaza

Midtown Oyster Bar & Grill Midtown Oyster Bar LLC 341 Thames St.

Mooring Seafood Kitchen & Bar, The Mooring LTD, The 2 Sayer’s WF

MORI Mori Corp 181 Bellevue Ave. Unit D

Newport Blues Cafe Kinsley’s LTD 286 Thames St

Newport Marriott Hotel Marriott Hotel Services, Inc. 25 America’s Cup Ave.

Newport Playhouse & Cabaret Restaurant Newport Playhouse & Cabaret Restaurant 102 Connell Hwy

Newport Tokyo House Sushi Hibachi Tokyo, Inc. 6 Equality PK

Nikolas Pizza Nick’s Fine Foods, Inc. 38 Memorial Blvd West

Norey’s NDC Enterprises, LLC 156 Broadway

O’Brien’s Pub Five Tempus LTD 501 Thames St.

Oceancliff Newport Time Resorts, Inc. 65 Ridge Road (hotel only)

One Pelham East & Top of Pelham Brownstone, Inc. 270 Thames St.

Parlor Parlor, LLC 200 Broadway

Pasta Beach Pasta Beach LLC 136- Bellevue Ave.

Perro Salado Kelkery Food and Spirits, Inc. 19 Charles ST

Poor Richard’s-Benjamins Mermaids Newport, LLC 254 Thames St.

Pour Judgement MBK LLC 32 Broadway

Queen Anne’s Loft 2 Church Street, LLC 212 Thames St.

Red Parrot Restaurant, The Red Parrot, Inc., The 348 Thames St.

Reef, The Old Battle Axe, Inc. West Howard WF

Regatta Place, The Goat Island Grille, Inc. 5 Goat Island

Restaurant Bouchard & TSK at the Restaurant Bouchard, Inc. 505 Thames St.

Rhumbline Restaurant Rhumbline, LLC 255 Thames St.

Riptides Dockside North, LLC 25 Waite’s WF #B

Saltwater Shaner Rhode Island LLC 49 America’s Cup AV

Sardella’s Restaurant S R Corporation 30- Memorial Blvd West

Scales & Shells Nautilus Restaurant, LLC 527 Thames St.

Smokehouse Cafe Mooring LTD, The 31 Scott’s WF

Smugglers Waterfront Bar True Tides, LLC 359 Thames St.

Speakeasy Bar and Grill Carter LLC 250 Thames St.

Stoneacre Kale Stems, LLC 28 Washington Sq.

Stoneacre Garden L and B Associates, LLC 151 Swinburne Row

Surf Club & Coffee Grinder Surf Club LLC 337 Thames St.

Tavern on Broadway Broadway Tavern LTD. 12, Broadway

TBD Robin Realty LLC 103 Bellevue Ave.

Thai Cuisine JJ Thai Cuisine, Inc. 517 Thames St.

Vanderbilt Room 1899, LLC 256 Maple Ave.

Vanderbilt, The Vanderbilt Hotel, LLC 41 Mary St.

Vieste & Vino Wine Bar & Yagi Noodles Radish Patch, LLC 580 Thames St.

Wally’s Wieners 1899, LLC 464 Thames St.

Wharf Pub, The Wharf Pub Newport, LLC 37 Bowen’s Wharf

White Horse Tavern WHT Management, LLC 26 Marlborough St.

Victualing Renewals – Extended Hours (between the hours of 2 a.m. – 6 a.m.)

DBA Ownership Address


7-Eleven #23880D Jakhar Enterprise, Inc. 29 Memorial Blvd.

7-Eleven Store #25854K 7-Eleven, Inc. 135 JT Connell Highway

7-Eleven Store #32508K 7-Eleven, Inc. 95 Broadway

Cumberland Farms #1150 Cumberland Farms, Inc. 125 Broadway

Dunkin Donuts Aquidneck Donuts, Inc. 194 Connell Hgwy.

Dunkin Donuts Aquidneck Donuts, Inc. 7 Memorial Blvd.

Handy Lunch Gary Hooks 460 Thames St.

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