Results for the 2022 Rhode Island Statewide Primary will begin to display after the polls close on September 13, 2022, at 8:00 PM. The following results are provided by the State of Rhode Island Board of Elections and are unofficial until certified.

Updates will occur approximately every 5-10 minutes after 8 pm as new data becomes available.

According to the Secretary of State’s website, there are 712,945 active status registered voters in Rhode Island – 97,879 (14%) are registered as Republican, 290,805 (41%) as Democrat, and 324,261 (45%) as unaffiliated.

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Statewide summary

Unofficial results: Updated September 14, 2022 03:34 PM

394 of 395 polling places reporting (99%)

Results Note: Reporting progress is based on receipt of polling place results. Totals displayed below may include Early Voting and Mail Ballot category results.

REP Representative in Congress District 1

CandidateBallot breakoutTotal votesPct
Allen R. Waters* (REP)Polling place: 5853Mail ballots: 369Early Voting: 7006922100.0%

DEM Representative in Congress District 1

CandidateBallot breakoutTotal votesPct
David N. Cicilline* (DEM)Polling place: 33294Mail ballots: 5722Early Voting: 643045446100.0%

REP Representative in Congress District 2

CandidateBallot breakoutTotal votesPct
Allan W. Fung* (REP)Polling place: 10481Mail ballots: 586Early Voting: 94912016100.0%

DEM Representative in Congress District 2

CandidateBallot breakoutTotal votesPct
Seth M. Magaziner* (DEM)Polling place: 21120Mail ballots: 4318Early Voting: 39822942054.0%
David A. Segal (DEM)Polling place: 7014Mail ballots: 821Early Voting: 913874816.1%
Sarah E. Morgenthau (DEM)Polling place: 4948Mail ballots: 869Early Voting: 736655312.0%
Joy Fox (DEM)Polling place: 4600Mail ballots: 533Early Voting: 823595610.9%
Omar Bah (DEM)Polling place: 1903Mail ballots: 356Early Voting: 26025194.6%
Spencer E. Dickinson (DEM)Polling place: 1051Mail ballots: 94Early Voting: 15212972.4%

REP Governor

CandidateBallot breakoutTotal votesPct
Ashley Marie Kalus* (REP)Polling place: 14761Mail ballots: 787Early Voting: 15101705883.7%
Jonathan J. Riccitelli (REP)Polling place: 2785Mail ballots: 242Early Voting: 300332716.3%

DEM Governor

CandidateBallot breakoutTotal votesPct
Daniel J. McKee* (DEM)Polling place: 26403Mail ballots: 5281Early Voting: 46823636632.8%
Helena Buonanno Foulkes (DEM)Polling place: 26605Mail ballots: 2658Early Voting: 40233328630.0%
Nellie M. Gorbea (DEM)Polling place: 19708Mail ballots: 4557Early Voting: 46502891526.1%
Matthew A. Brown (DEM)Polling place: 7067Mail ballots: 728Early Voting: 97987747.9%
Luis Daniel Munoz (DEM)Polling place: 2787Mail ballots: 277Early Voting: 37634403.1%

REP Lieutenant Governor

CandidateBallot breakoutTotal votesPct
Aaron C. Guckian* (REP)Polling place: 11572Mail ballots: 591Early Voting: 11771334067.8%
Paul E. Pence (REP)Polling place: 5371Mail ballots: 397Early Voting: 565633332.2%

DEM Lieutenant Governor

CandidateBallot breakoutTotal votesPct
Sabina Matos* (DEM)Polling place: 36052Mail ballots: 6906Early Voting: 63464930447.0%
Deborah Ruggiero (DEM)Polling place: 25589Mail ballots: 4067Early Voting: 52063486233.2%
Cynthia M. Mendes (DEM)Polling place: 16207Mail ballots: 2078Early Voting: 24622074719.8%

REP Secretary of State

CandidateBallot breakoutTotal votesPct
Pat V. Cortellessa* (REP)Polling place: 15647Mail ballots: 930Early Voting: 159918176100.0%

DEM Secretary of State

CandidateBallot breakoutTotal votesPct
Gregg Amore* (DEM)Polling place: 45778Mail ballots: 8722Early Voting: 90366353664.2%
Stephanie E. Beaute (DEM)Polling place: 27384Mail ballots: 3858Early Voting: 42093545135.8%

REP Attorney General

CandidateBallot breakoutTotal votesPct
Charles C. Calenda* (REP)Polling place: 15861Mail ballots: 940Early Voting: 162218423100.0%

DEM Attorney General

CandidateBallot breakoutTotal votesPct
Peter F. Neronha* (DEM)Polling place: 67784Mail ballots: 12018Early Voting: 1249492296100.0%

REP General Treasurer

CandidateBallot breakoutTotal votesPct
James L. Lathrop* (REP)Polling place: 15795Mail ballots: 937Early Voting: 161318345100.0%

DEM General Treasurer

CandidateBallot breakoutTotal votesPct
James A. Diossa* (DEM)Polling place: 42354Mail ballots: 7290Early Voting: 71745681855.5%
Stefan I. Pryor (DEM)Polling place: 33487Mail ballots: 5576Early Voting: 64884555144.5%

* Endorsed Candidate

** Polling places with more than one ballot scanner may display as 100% reported despite results only being received from one scanner. Results will be updated when the results from any additional scanner(s) in that precinct are received.

Results By City/Town

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