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When Gov. Dan McKee defeated two high-profile females for the Democratic nomination for governor it assured that Ashley Kalus, the Republican nominee, would focus on winning the female vote. Both Kalus and Republican state chair Sue Cienki came out swinging, depicting McKee as a misogynist.  Meanwhile McKee won a key endorsement from a female political opponent.

General Treasurer Seth Magaziner, a congressional candidate, depicted his Republican opponent, former Cranston Mayor Allan Fung, as aligning himself with right-wing extremists.

Foulkes Endorses McKee for Governor 

Helena Buonanno Foulkes, who narrowly lost the Democratic gubernatorial primary, has formally endorsed Gov. Dan McKee for Governor in this November’s general election.

“I will always support Democratic candidates on the ballot in a general election,” Foulkes said. “But before I officially endorsed Governor McKee, I needed him to commit to me personally that his FY24 budget will end the abortion ban that impacts one third of women in this state. He reiterated his support for a woman’s right to choose and made that commitment to me personally yesterday, and I now endorse him for governor. We cannot allow an anti-choice, Ron DeSantis-loving Republican who just moved here from Illinois to become Rhode Island’s next governor.” 

Kalus switches from DeSantis to Foulkes as her most admired politician

Even though she hasn’t won Helena Buonanno Foulkes support, Republican gubernatorial nominee Ashley Kalus said Foulkes is the politician she most admires. Not many weeks ago, she said it was Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, But on WJAR-TV today (Friday), she said it was Foulkes, praising her for her success, for running a close race for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination, and, yes, for being a woman. Gov. Dan McKee, the Democratic nominee for governor, has supported a woman’s right to choose. Kalus has described herself in debates as pro-life.

It’s clear Kalus is trying to play the gender card. On Twitter, she wrote: “Ted – would you mind reaching out to McKee. I hear he doesn’t like talking to females.” Sue Cienki, the Rhode Island Republican Party Chairwoman, said on Twitter: “Careful Ashley I heard he hangs up on strong smart women. He even questions if females have any brain cells.”

Meanwhile, Kalus on social media, has challenged McKee to debates if they are televised statewide. 

Magaziner Calls on Fung to Cancel Campaign with Rep. Jason Smith, an election denier

General Treasurer and congressional candidate Seth Magaziner is calling on his Republican opponent, former Cranston Mayor Allan Fung to cancel a campaign event that Magaziner said Fung is holding with U.S. Rep. Jason Smith, R-Missouri, among Republican legislators who was among 2020 election deniers.

“Once again, Allan Fung is choosing to side with extremists instead of standing up for the values of Rhode Islanders,” Magaziner said. “For Fung’s first campaign event of the general election, he invited Rep. Jason Smith who denied the results of the 2020 elections, co-sponsored a national abortion ban, and served as state co-chair of Trump’s 2016 and 2020 campaigns. 

” The Rhode Islanders I talk with every day want to live in a democracy with free and fair elections and where women make their own healthcare decisions, not politicians in Washington. I am calling on Allan Fung to cancel his campaign event with extremist Rep. Jason Smith,” Magaziner said.