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Democratic Women’s Caucus endorses Diossa 

The Rhode Island Democratic Women’s Caucus has endorsed former Central Falls Mayor James Diossa for General Treasurer. 

Throughout his eight years as Mayor of Central Falls and now as a candidate for General Treasurer, James has been a vocal advocate for the rights of women, equal pay, the best possible education and school facilities for all students and improving the quality of life for Rhode Island individuals families, said a spokesperson for the caucas.  

Transit Workers Union endorses McKee

The Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) has announced its endorsement of Governor Dan McKee for a full term. 

“We know that Governor McKee stands up for Rhode Island workers and values the essential public service our members provide. He has demonstrated his commitment to ensuring that we can continue to provide a wide range of service throughout the state for all people who rely on public transportation, whether it’s to go to their appointments, to work, or enjoy our wonderful beaches. Under his leadership, Rhode Island is seeing investments in infrastructure, schools and the economy that will create jobs and make our state a better place to live and work. ATU is proud to stand by Governor McKee in his campaign for a full term and work together for the next four years to deliver for Rhode Island’s working families,” said Nick DeCristofaro, President of ATU Local 618.

Foulkes Releases ‘First to Zero’ Prescription Drug Affordability Plan

In a new television ad, Helena Buonanno Foulkes announced her plan to make Rhode Island the first state in the country on a pathway to zero out-of-pocket costs for diabetes and asthma medication. Her ‘First to Zero’ plan would eliminate copays for diabetes medication in 2023, and starting in 2025, also begin eliminating out-of-pocket costs associated with asthma treatment. 

“Leading the decision to put people over profits and stop selling tobacco at CVS was the proudest moment of my career, and it’s time to take a similarly bold approach to eliminating out-of-pocket costs for diabetes and asthma medication in Rhode Island,” said Helena Buonanno Foulkes. “In a state of only 1.1 million people, we can be a national leader in delivering high-quality, affordable healthcare to people in every community.” 

If enacted, Foulkes said, the impact would be significant: one in ten Rhode Islanders currently has diabetes, and a staggering one in three are prediabetic. The financial impact of asthma on Rhode Islanders’ pockets and the state healthcare system is similarly staggering: more than 125,000 Rhode Islanders with asthma spend, on average, $529 a year as a result of hospitalizations, many of which could be prevented or severely reduced with regular medication. 

Brady PAC endorses Magaziner

The Brady PAC, the political action partner organization of Brady, one of the nation’s oldest gun violence prevention advocacy groups, has endorsed General Treasurer Seth Magaziner for Rhode Island’s 2nd Congressional District.

With Brady PAC’s support in 2018 and 2020, the gun safety majority grew in the U.S. House of Representatives, contributing to the passage of historic gun violence prevention legislation, including the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act and the Assault Weapons Ban of 2021

“Seth Magaziner has a proven track record of fighting for safer Rhode Island communities, and we urge Rhode Islanders to send him to Congress this November,” stated Executive Director of Brady PAC Jason Pressberg. “Seth knows that ending gun violence isn’t a partisan issue — it’s an American issue — and we must come together to solve it once and for all.