Casey and Nick Sanginario

When Casey and Nick Sanginario discuss their wellness centers, you can hear the pride and passion in their voices.  Their Middletown location (102 West Main Rd.) recently celebrated its 4-year anniversary since opening its doors in 2018.  The couple recently caught up with WhatsUpNewp to discuss their new Providence location, some new happenings, and reflect on four years of Island Wellness.   

Casey and Nick Sanginario

Island Wellness is an inclusive wellness center that provides natural wellness treatments and makes them accessible to everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status.  Some of their treatments and therapies include Zero Gravity massage chairs, Cryo chamber sessions, infrared sauna experience, salt cave halotherapy, hydromassages, and many more.  The center also provides several retail products that include CBD oil, CBD gummies, natural skincare products, you can get in the CBD Wholesale online.

Like many small businesses, the last two years have not been easy.  Enduring a global pandemic required the Sanginario’s to persevere through constantly changing regulations and adapt their day-to-day operations to provide services for their clients’ and patients’ needs. 

“We are just so unconditionally thankful for the continued support of this incredible community.  Without the local support, there is no Island Wellness Center,” Casey Sanginario told WhatsUpNewp. 

Island Wellness recently expanded its operations to include a Providence center, located at 116 Calverly Street.  The store opened in March of this year and has been very well received in the Creative Capital.  “The Providence location is something that we are very proud of and seeing our dream grow is truly unbelievable.  Opening a second location had it’s fair share of challenges but being able to provide natural wellness services to the Providence community has been nothing short of incredible.” 

Like their Middletown location, the Providence store offers an array of therapies, treatments, goods, and services that include LED light therapy, targeted cryotherapy, a sauna and cold plunge package, massage beds, and chairs, and much more.  

Perhaps the project that the Sanginario’s are most proud of is their active dedication to philanthropy which includes their own 501(c)(3) non-profit program called the Natural Alternatives Assitance Program or NAAP.  This program provides discounted products and services to those in need including people struggling financially, suffering from ailments such as cancer or military veterans seeking alternative recovery options.  

Nick Sanginario, a veteran of the United States Marine Corps., discovered the benefits of natural and holistic alternatives after his military career had ended, which was a big inspiration behind the Sanginario’s decision to open Island Wellness.  “My wife and I founded this business to help others and giving back to those in need whenever we can, will always be the main priority here at Island Wellness.” 

Be sure to check out their website for hours and to shop online and follow them on Instagram @islandwellnesscenter