Kate Jessup was among the new candidates to declare their candidacy for Newport City Council-At Large earlier this week.

Jessup is among ten candidates running for the four At-Large seats.

Jessup provided What’sUpNewp with the following statement regarding her campaign;

My name is Kate Jessup and I am running for City Council for one main reason, a focus on a bright future for the City of Newport. I often use the phrase ‘a rising tide lifts all boats’ and if I am elected, I hope to affect progress for Newport that will raise the tide for all residents.

After graduating from Roger Williams University with a Bachelor of Architecture, I set out to begin my career in Boston where I found my passion for educational design, and learned who I am.  After living in Boston for many years, I knew it was time for a change of scenery.  Realizing I left my heart in Rhode Island, I knew Newport would be my forever home.  My dog, Moose, and cat, Potter, and I have never looked back.

Training for marathons has taken me on runs throughout Newport, learning with each step about the neighborhoods.   Through my work as an educational planner, for the Rogers High School study I got to know the students, families, and educators with a fierce focus on enhancing the educational experience for our community.  As a community member, I have gotten to know the real Newport – the amazing things already happening, and conversely, many of the challenges we face.  

Knowing fully that Newport is my home, I have become interested in getting involved and giving back to the community.   Some issues of particular interest which require thoughtful perspective and attention are the following:

Newport is and should always remain a vibrant livable year-round City.  We must commit to and continue efforts regarding home affordability and availability, community amenities, and quality of life twelve months of the year.

Education in Newport should provide equitable opportunities for all students.  I believe that given my experience working with school Districts – master planning and developing facilities – I am uniquely situated to help Newport and the Newport Public Schools navigate the unknown future.  

Newport must be an inclusive and supportive environment for all residents.   We must keep the energy of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion at the forefront year-round.  It is important our facilities and infrastructure do not create physical barriers to access for our residents with mobility issues or physical disabilities.  Bike and pedestrian-friendly transit and roadways will support residents and provide a resilient and sustainable future for Newport.

Small businesses and the hospitality industry will always be part of the core fabric of Newport.  As the daughter of a plumber and a bookkeeper who owned a small business, I understand the challenges in running a business and supporting a family.  There is a delicate balance that must be maintained between tourism and community which must be supported for both to thrive.  

While I don’t have all the answers, I do have the desire to learn, do the hard work, and to make positive change.  Like running a marathon, I know that affecting progress takes effort. I humbly offer my time, patience, experience, and passion to serve the people of Newport as a member of the City Council.  

 I look forward to meeting all members of this wonderful community we all call home.  I am hopeful and optimistic for what the future holds for all of us. 

Candidates must now collect at least 50 signatures from registered voters. When there are more than eight candidates in the At-Large race, the race participates in the September primary to narrow the race down to just eight candidates for the November General Election.


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