This has been a couple of tough years for the hospitality industry, but even with exploding gasoline prices it promises to be a robust vacation season in Rhode Island. We’ll talk with Dale Venturini, executive director of the Rhode Island Hospitality Association, on Tuesday at 11:30 am to get her projections for the season that’s now upon us.

We’ll also want to find out if Rhode Island was as hard hit by the pandemic as some anticipated, with as many as 40 percent of restaurants originally expected to close.

And how did those restaurants and hotels survive? What were the innovations that restaurateurs used to stay in business, and what did they learn from the pandemic?

We know that in Newport outdoor dining remains with us, at least for the short term. How about the rest of the state, and projections that outdoor dining is now here to stay?

Among the industry’s greatest challenges has been finding and keeping employees. We’ll ask Venturini about the employment picture, whether the industry has adjusted wages, and, if still shorthanded, whether properties have adjusted hours and days open.

With the legislative session about to end, we’ll want to know about any important industry related legislation that was approved, and those bills that were not approved.

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