By Involve Newport

Involve Newport is proud to announce its new brand and mission. As a 501c3, Involve Newport is dedicated to Newport’s community, culture, natural environment and rich history. Involve Newport serves as a forum to both activate and engage our neighbors, friends & partners in Newport’s future.

Involve Newport’s mission is to:

●      Connect residents throughout Newport to help build and strengthen a robust community.

●      Serve as a community resource to help find solutions.

●      Partner with the community to help provide benefits to its residents.

●      Amplify the voices of Newporter’s to give the community a stronger voice on issues that matter.

“As a father, business-owner, resident and someone who is interested in seeing our community grow in a healthy way, I have found it hard to stay engaged and have my voice be heard,” says President of Involve Newport, Joe Hearn. “When ALN came to us and asked to utilize the historic base they established but provide a stronger voice for the future of Newport, it seemed like a great next step.”

The core operational plan is to focus sub-committees around topics of issue rather than geographical neighborhoods. This will enable those who are engaged in a specific issue to maintain an active voice in the conversation with other engaged citizens across all neighborhoods, providing diversity of thought and participation. Topics include but are not limited to – infrastructure, development, housing, transportation, education, climate change, energy, preservation, public health & safety, and equity & inclusion.

If you want to know more, or want to get Involved, please visit and sign up. Involve Newport looks forward to partnering with all of Newport’s citizens, organizations, businesses and government entities. More information to follow. 

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