It’s been five years since Gogol Bordello performed in Boston, (they have visited other cities in New England). Last Wednesday, May 4, they played a show with a purpose at the Royale in downtown Boston!

Gogol Bordello is a Gypsy Punk Rock band with musicians from all over the world, incorporating violin, accordion, and percussion into their work. The band performed a two-hour, crowd moshing, body-surfing, sold-out show at the Royale in Boston Wednesday night. Lead singer Eugene Hutz led the pandemonium, leaning into the crowd, fist-bumping fans, and encouraging sing-a-longs. For the finale, Eugene stood on top of a drum kit, hoisted in the crowd, and sang perched above the crowd.

Gogol Bordello’s message of freedom is always clear, “There was never any good old days/They are today, they are tomorrow,” the band sings in “Ultimate.” Gogol Bordello is a staunch supporter of Ukraine and the resistance against the war and invasion. The band partnered with ArtDopomoga, a team of art volunteers based in Kyiv who are offering artwork created during the war, all proceeds go to support Ukraine in its fight against the invasion.

Check out some photos of the evening from concert photographer Gary Alpert.